10 Essentials for the Perfect Night Alone

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10 Essentials for the Perfect Night Alone

Another snow day is on its way. This means you’ll be sleeping in all day and can’t be bothered to get up from bed. Don’t worry: since there’s no school, you have the entire day to relax and watch the snowfall from your window. Here are some night-in classics with a little twist.

  1. Oh yeah! Bring out the Netflix

What is a night alone with Netflix? Watch an interesting documentary or binge watch the entire series of Law & Order SVU. Personal favs includes the The Office, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards.

  1. Blanket

Wrap yourself in a warm, cozy blankie. Make sure all your snacks and drinks are within grabbing distance. For optimal comfort, put on fuzzy Christmas socks and don’t wear pants.

  1. Cake in a Mug

It only takes 5 minutes to create this quick dessert. The best cake-in-a-mug recipe can be found on Instructables.com. Basically, you mix flour, sugar, cocoa, eggs, milk, oil, and chocolate chips together in a mug. Stir it up. Then microwave for three minutes.

  1. Hot cocoa

Prefer a chocolatey drink instead? Experiment with mixing different kinds of hot cocoa. Combine dark chocolate with caramel or french vanilla with peppermint.

  1. Pajamas

No need to dress up. Stay in comfy sleepwear all day. Invest in a suggly onesie, or better yet, a snuggie.

  1. Chill music

Calming music is perfect for a peaceful night in. Ideal playists would include classical, classic rock, soft rock, acoustic – anything that would de-stress your day.

  1. Books

Take advantage of your free time and read a book that isn’t required school reading. Grab a book from the Michael L. Printz Award reading list that honors the best books in young adult fiction.

  1. Journal

Find your old journal and read some of the stuff you’ve recorded as a kid. Read about your past worries, fears, and thoughts. Jot down some of your thoughts and talk about your life today. Then in a few years from now you’ll look back on it again.

  1. Print old photos

Look through your old photos on your camera, compiling all your favorites into one file. Then upload them unto Snapfish to be delivered to your dorm. They usually have some great deals prints and shipping.

  1. Online shopping

If you have some spare cash, indulge yourself by searching for online deals. Check out Groupon or Retailmenot for today’s best sales. Asos.com is a great online fashion store that does free shipping. Give it two weeks for delivery.

What are your rituals for a perfect night in? Any suggestions for binge watching on Netflix? Do you have any other tips or suggestions. Leave your comments below.

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