At  Loco Magazine we like to offer some variety for our readers-switch things up a bit.  For each edition we will select a single theme in which the contents of that issue will revolve around that theme.  For our first issue we want to focus on all the great things there are to do in Philly- you know the one, just 20 minutes away and right in Glenside’s own backyard.  We want to hear all about the weekend you spent hunting for the best pizza, striking up conversation with the man who sat down next to you on the train, dancing your ass off while club hopping or getting lost and stumbling upon a new secret spot; all in Philadelphia.  Send us any feature, article, profile, interview photo set or artwork describing your experiences in Philadelphia that you think students would actually enjoy reading.  Whether you hop on the train, hail a cab, rough it on the bus, or suck up to someone who has a car- get off campus and get hunting.

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