7 Deadly Sins of Late Night Rituals

1.) Gluttony      7 deadly sins

“Michaels Run” – Sammy Nickalls

“Pizza!”- Frances Dumlao

“Almost always make grilled cheese”- Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick

“Food network and food”- Amanda Wyszynski

“Peanut butter and Boy Meets World re-runs!”- Bri Wink

2.) Wrath SONY DSC

“Pow wows on my kitchen floor with my housemates” -Morgan Wells

“Some intense ‘ex and his new girlfriend’ Facebook stalking”

3.) Sloth sleep

“Sleep :O” – Dan Gamarnik

“Snuggling up in all my blankets and watching E!”- Lauren Pickens

4.) Lust Texting

“You do not want to know” -Cairan Devine

“Drunk dialing that certain ex for some late night……talking”

“Mistakenly thinking that everyone at the party I’m at looks like an Abercrombie model”

5.) Pride pride

“Never admitting to my friends that I’m drunk. No matter how many walls I run into.”

“Taking the pong game way to seriously.”

“Arguing about politics with everyone.”

6.) Envy (Intense Desire)Envy
“Watching all of Beyonce’s videos at 2 am and trying to psychologically absorb her awesomeness. If you don’t love her, you’re just lying to yourself.”

“Browsing forever21.com and wanting it all in my life!”

7.) Greed (Scavenging)

“Eat all the food, watch all the Netflix”

“I definitely don’t raid my roommate’s snack cabinet as he sleeps…”

At 3 a.m. you want everything you can’t have and want to be everything you’re not. Lucky for you, with that bit of liquid courage, you can often get everything you want and be everyone and everything you’re not- to your own embarrassment the next morning.

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