About LOCO

Loco Mag is an independent, online magazine that aims to showcase the ideas and talents of young adults in the Philadelphia region. We focus on culture and lifestyle relevant to students, emerging creatives and new professionals and emphasize this perspective in our tone and content.  In other words, this isn’t a news publication.

Loco Mag aims to cover a broad range of subjects, including the arts, off-campus social events, entertainment, travel, and political news. Our main goal is to bring a publication to this campus that will not only work to connect students to one another, but with the world around us. We want to learn your stories and hear your opinions, whether that is through writing or photo journalism- we want to broadcast you.

Loco Mag is completely independent and we pride ourselves on showcasing writer’s honest, unfiltered voices. We are uncensored and independent, and open to hearing fresh perspectives.

Founded in Fall 2011 by Nicole Sowinski, Lauren Pickens, and Amanda Wyszynski.