All the Christmas Playlists You Could Need

Every year, without fail, as the clock ticks midnight after Thanksgiving dinner, several of your local radio stations switch from playing insert your favorite music genre here to Christmas music. This is either the worst or the best thing.

Christmas music is not awful. We can all agree that some Christmas songs are actually really great! They remind you of your childhood, or warm fires on cold evenings, or countless other nice things. Some of them are also categorically terrible songs, and we’re forced to switch through stations to find one station – any station at all! – that isn’t playing Christmas music. (And we’re left listening to 104.5 play Thunder by Imagine Dragons for the thousandth time that morning.)

The Loco team got together to offer you a couple of playlists for whoever you are, whatever your mood is this holiday season. Do you appreciate terrible things? Then I would like to offer you up this playlist of the 12 worst Christmas song:

Maybe your tastes are a little more refined – but only a little. In the process of creating playlists, we realized that there’s a lot of controversy surrounding certain songs, and no one can decide whether they’re the best or the worst. Are they the both? Are they neither? These no-man’s-land songs now reside in our middle-of-the-road playlist, for those who can’t commit to a happy holiday season.

Finally, do you appreciate the smooth voice of an old crooner? Are you settled in on Christmas Eve under a blanket by the fire? Are you crying in your car while it snows? Either way, you deserve to enjoy these songs, the cream of the crop, the best of the best.

All of us here at Loco are wishing you a happy holiday season. Now cry your heart out.

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