An Ode To Wawa

Dear Wawa,

I don’t know if you know this, but you are the light of my life. You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the salt to my pepper, and the Romeo to my Juliet. I would gladly fling myself in front of a dagger if it meant that I could no longer taste your precious caesar wraps upon my lips again.

You, Wawa, single handedly got me through my entire first two years of college. Without you, I would have been a slave to anthropology, general level science classes and various essays on media theory. Every late night stuck in the dusty corners of the library was much better once you arrived. With your deliciously creamy and perfectly cheesy mac and cheese as my guide, I wrote term paper after term paper. You were my rock; the only reliable being in the crazy, unpredictable world of university life.

One time, you sent me a free t-shirt. From that moment on, I knew our love for each other was mutually unstoppable. Even on my darkest and most-hungover days you never judge my attitude or my appearance. It doesn’t matter if I’m in sweatpants or in a prom dress, you still love me for me. We’re the Brangelina of the hoagie world, Wawa. Our love is unbreakable.

I know that you are constantly comparing yourself to Sheetz and various other quick marts around the word. Have no fear though, convience store of my heart, because I’m a well-traveled girl and I’ve tasted what these other corner stores have to offer and they are nothing compared to you. Sheetz may have more options, may have more fancy schmancy designs, but do they put the salsa inside of their quesadillas? I think not.

Whether it’s your iced teas, salads or on-the-go fruit containers; your donuts, Frreal machines or legendary Hoagiefest; you have always been there for me, providing a loving shoulder to cry on, a parking lot to partake in shenanigans, and a never-ending stockpile of snacks to drown my feels in.

When I was doing my campus hunting, I made sure to stop and grab a cup of your coffee on the way to tour my potential college. On my high school prom night, I click-clacked my way across your tiled floor in a bright neon green ball gown in dire need of a caramel macchiato. I bought my first (and only) pack of cigarettes at your counter. When my car had two flat tires on the day of my senior homecoming, it was in your parking lot that I awaited help. En route to my high school graduation, I ate a kit kat that I bought at your store. Upon return from my semester in London, the promise of your turkey and cheddar hoagie was the only thing that got me off the plane. You’ve been a part of my life for so long, a staple in these precious memories, that I can’t imagine not having you there.

In fact, for the three months I went without you, not a day went by that I did not think of your morning sizzli’s. I proclaimed to all of the United Kingdom that I loved you, more than I would ever love any other gas station, husband, or cat in my life. I love you not only because you are delicious and easy, but because you allow me the freedom to choose. Unlike other places, I have endless options. I can put whatever I want on my hoagie or in my quesadilla. Anything at all. Extra, extra pickles? Not a problem. The coffee alone is packed full of unlimited choices. Half cappuccino, half French Vanilla coffee with a splash of Mocha Wake Up? Always possible. Mixing and matching is the spice of life, Wawa, not to mention it’s the ultimate freedom. Never once in my entire 22 years of existence have I felt tired of you, and that, Wawa, is true love.

Some people take out their frustrations out at McDonalds. Others need Taco Bell or Pizza Hut or a greasy carton of Chinese food to lift their spirits. There was never anybody else for me, though. Egg rolls and bread sticks and salmonella tacos could never lift my downtrodden spirits. Only you could, Wawa, only you.

Now I know this sounds crazy, declaring unwavering love for a quick mart chain, but that doesn’t matter to me. I might be addicted to your convenience, but it’s an addiction that I’m okay with. You make me happy, and life is just better with you by my side.

Whaddya say? Be the Wa to my Wa??

Love You Forever,
Your Most Loyal Customer

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