Bandcamp Reviews: “Reason To Drive” by Charles Cave

Charles Cave has had a very busy 2015. Not only has he composed the score for the short film H Positive, he has also been working on writing new songs for White Lies’ fourth record, and, apparently, has been working on some solo tracks. Cave’s debut solo song, “Reason to Drive”, was just released a few weeks ago via his Bandcamp page. “Reason to Drive” is definitely 80’s new wave inspired, and the incorporation of a lot of electronic elements make this sound like a pretty big departure from his typical work with White Lies, and make it sound more like it could be a track by a band like Cut/Copy. This isn’t a song you would necessarily want to dance to, but instead is a great song to listen to if you’re just trying to relax. It’s ironic that “Reason to Drive” has the word drive in it, because it feels like a song that would fit perfectly on the Drive soundtrack, drawing resemblances to songs like “Nightcall” by Kavinsky.

Cave also released a song titled “This Fucking Time of Year”, a Christmas inspired song, on his bandcamp page. He is hoping to make some money from these releases so that he can release a full solo album next year. Cave also mentioned in an interview with Noisey that White Lies are ready to get into the studio and actually start recording their fourth record. If all goes well for Charles Cave, 2016 could be another busy, but successful year.

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