Britain’s Finest

Alright ladies, admit it; you remember the scene in Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement where Queen Clarice Renaldi (Julie Andrews) shows Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway, pre-cat woman days) a PowerPoint of the Most Eligible Royals so that she can pick a husband and therefore be able to ascend the Genovian crown. Well, we at Loco Magazine did not think it was fair that Anne Hathaway should have all of the fun, so we have prepared a list for you of Britain’s Most Eligible Bachelors, style (you’re welcome, America).

britains finest1

Prince Harry of Wales

Username: armypartyboi

Birthday: September 15, 1984 (28)

Full Name: Henry Charles Albert David

Hometown: London, England

About Me:
 “I am a captain in the Army, because I enjoy the thrill of defending my country.

Some little known facts about me:
 “I invented the catch-phrase YOLO (you only live once); I like skiing, motocross racing, partying (sometimes naked), and am very competitive and enjoy playing (and winning) polo.”

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Daniel Radcliffe, Prince of Hogwartz

Username: notreallyharrypotter

How we know him: The Harry Potter Franchise

Birthday: July 23, 1989 (23)

Hometown: West London, England

About Me:  “You could say I like a little magic, both in a relationship and in life. Being cast in Harry Potter definitely changed my life, for one, people still call me Harry.  I also have a natural instinct to defend my girl from the threat of doom and gloom, evil monsters, and Draco Malfoy for trying to steal her from me.

A little known fact about me: I still have the invisibility cloak.”

britains finest3Wentworth Miller, King of Hearts

Username: looking4luv

How we know him: Fox’s Prison Break

Birthday: June 2, 1982 (40)

Hometown: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England

About Me:  “Reasons why I am I am the ultimate bad boy: I give great pouty looks in hoodies (move aside Channing Tatum), have tattoos that can be removed if you don’t like them (#betterthanAdamLevine), I get into trouble all the time and like breaking people out of prison for fun-zies.”

britains finest4
Harry Styles, Archduke of One Direction

Username: coolerthanbeiber

How we know him: The pop boy-band One Direction

Birthday: February 1, 1994 (19)

Hometown: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England

About Me: “I’m Harry Potter Styles. I’m in the boy-band One Direction. People sometimes group us all together, but I’m not like the others. For one, I like to think of myself as the older, wiser one. I write a lot of our songs and organize our costumes for tour (bright colors are my thing). I also like older women…Have I mentioned I use to date Taylor Swift?”

britains finest5
Christian Bale, Knight of Darkness

Username: therealdarkknight

How we know him: Christopher Nolen’s Dark Knight Trilogy, American Psycho, among others

Birthday: January 30, 1974 (39)

Hometown: Wales, England

About Me: “I’m Batman. Still looking for Rachel… Have I mentioned, I’m Batman?”

britains finest6
Ed Westwick, King of Gossip

Username: im2sexi

How we know him: The CW’s hit, Gossip Girl

Birthday: June 27, 1987 (25)

Hometown: Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England

About Me: “I am an actor known for my ability to be smooth with the ladies. I use to be in a band over in England, so I can serenade my girl with my crooning. I like making money, taking long walks through New York City at night, and being the highlight of your day.”

britains finest7

Ian Somerhalder, Prince of Steamy Eyes

Username: notreallybritish1

How we know him: LOST, The Vampire Diaries

Birthday: December 8, 1978 (34)

Hometown: Covington, Louisiana (*cough cough* I mean London)

About Me: “I am a model and actor who’s really good at giving you the ‘sultry stare,’ the ‘pouty face,’ or the ‘steamy [we have a connection] eyes.’ I like long walks on the beach (have you seen LOST?), sucking people’s blood (hello, Vampire Diaries), and being in a relationship with you *wink wink.* (…just don’t tell my girlfriend I’m on here, things aren’t really working out…I’m also not British, but no one’s really that honest on these things anyway.)”

britains finest8Nicholas Hoult, Slayer of Evil Giants

Username: ucancallmejack

How we know him: X-Men First Class and the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer

Birthday: December 7, 1989 (23)

Hometown: Workingham, Berkshire, England

About Me: “I don’t like to brag, but I have some powers that can thwart off evil doers and are better than any dumb invisibility cloak (yea, I’m calling you out D.R. (you know who you are). If you don’t believe me, you can check it out on screen in X-Men: First Class. I am newly single (and looking) after my split from Jennifer Lawrence and am ready for new adventures or whatever you can throw my way. Call me, or I could call you, or we could text, or skype, or Facebook, or…well, yea. Did I mention I’m single?”

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