Call for Contributors

Loco Mag is seeking talented writers, photographers, videographers, designers, and interviewers to contribute to our latest issue! Loco is a lifestyle and culture magazine always on the hunt for new articles, photospreads, and fresh takes on student perspectives. We’re not strictly a news publication. We want to hear your voice and read your stories.

Our theme for our newest issue is Resolve for X. The new year is coming up and with it comes the onslaught of resolutions – people are resolving to lose weight, to be nicer, to drink less coffee, to do X, Y, and Z in 2016. The theme’s inspiration came from the New Year, but your interpretation doesn’t have to. Maybe you want to forget about the ‘resolve for’ and focus on X – specifically, your crazy ex who set all his shirts on fire after you dumped him. Or you can talk about what happens when resolve crumbles, high-resolution TVs, treasure hunts (X marks the spot), or any number of things.

X is the limit! Take our theme, put a spin on it, and let your creativity shine.

Our sections include Travel, Lifestyle, Lists, Photo/Video, Entertainment, Health, and Features. Features typically run around 2,500 words. Have more than that? Cool! If not, no worries. We’re an electronic publication so space is unlimited. We’ll accept anything from a 250 word photospread to a 500 word interview. Just make sure to have a strong voice and be creative.

Your final article will need to be submitted no later than December 14, 2015. You can find where to pitch your idea under the “Submissions” tab on the Loco Mag homepage.

Send any questions to, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @locomag and like us on Facebook, too.

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