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“Did you know racecar backwards is still racecar?” said everyone who ever punched 8008 into a calculator – boob, yet another palindrome. And if there’s one thing we here at Loco are obsessed with, it’s… palindromes.

Palindromes don’t have to be just one word – they can often be wise platitudes such as, “A car, a man, a maraca,” “A Santa dog lived as a devil God at NASA,” “Degas, are we not drawn onward, no? In union, drawn onward to new eras aged?” and “Dennis, Eve saw Eden if as a fine dew, as Eve sinned.”

The older we get, the more fun we realize palindromes can be, and that’s why we’ve decided to dedicate an entire issue to them. Check out this list of palindromes and keep scrolling until inspiration hits. I’m sure you’ll find something. But if you don’t, that’s okay! The theme is called “Racecar Backwards” because we realize that palindromes, while an important genre in and of themselves, can be stifling to some. Feel free to talk about anything you find backwards – did you ever go into an important meeting only to discover after that your shirt was on backwards? How about the state of the country – backwards, right? Rant to your heart’s content.

Our sections include Travel, Lifestyle, Photo/Video, Entertainment, and Features. Features typically run around 1,500 words. Have more than that? Cool! If not, no worries. We’re an electronic publication so space is unlimited. We’ll accept anything from a 250 word photospread to a 500 word interview to an hour long podcast to a 2-minute video. There’s only one rule: you must be creative.

Your work will need to be submitted no later than November 6, 2017. Send in your submission by clicking “Submit Work” on the Loco home page.

Send any questions to, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @locomag and like us on Facebook, too!

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