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Loco Magazine is sending a call for contributors for our Philadelphia issue.  All submissions are welcome, however we are specifically looking for designers, photographers, features, interviews and profiles. Loco is a student run magazine that is seeking the ideas and talents of Arcadia students. We are a Lifestyle/Cultural magazine that focuses on the lives of college students and providing a magazine that showcases this perspective.  This isn’t a news publication. It covers a broad range of subject’s including art, events, and political news. Our main goal is to bring a publication to this campus that will work to connect students to each other ,and with the world around us. We want to learn your stories and hear you opinions, whether that is through writing or photo journalism we want to broadcast you. This magazine is completely independent, and we want your honest voices. We are uncensored and open to hearing fresh perspectives.

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Writers: Loco Magazine will be an electronic publication so space is unlimited. We don’t want to hear about pointless or long winded accounts, we want to read your stories. Features should top out at around 2500 words. Features can be in the form of fiction or non-fiction. Use first person. Have a strong voice & be creative.  Shortest piece should be around 1200 words. Interviews should be kept around 500 words. Each page is formatted around 400-500 words with 2 columns, so keep that in mind while writing your article.  We will accept all submissions from all undergraduate and graduate students

Design: In designers we are looking for students who have experience in Adobe In Design, Illustrator, and any other designing programs.

Photographers: We are looking for photographers who have experience using PhotoShop.

250 Word article/art/photo/design proposals are due by December 1st. Design proposals should include one page formatted in InDesign using our magazine logo, name and mission statement. Full length pieces will be due by December 15th.  Please include a short biography with all submissions.

You can submit the pieces online through our email account:

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