“Chill-ing” Movies on Netflix

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This is a list of four different chilling movies I found on Netflix. All of these films were found in the thriller and horror section. They range from haunting to extremely psycho, always leaving the viewer guessing.

Come Back to Me (2014):

This thriller movie is nothing of the ordinary. Initially when I clicked on it one day I expected it to be what any normal “thriller” Netflix movie is, pretty bad. However, I was very pleasantly surprised as it legitimately had my full, undivided attention. Without giving too much away the film centers around a man who has the ability to bring people back to life. All he must do is breathe inside of them and they will come back. What will eventually make this film so creepy is what he does with this amazing talent as he gets carried away with his abilities. Therefore, making the ending of this film so shocking and frustrating that you’ll wish there was another one to rationalize it all.

Raw (2017):

Do you like eating raw meat? No? Me neither, but try explaining that to the main character of this film. “Raw” is a film centered around a girl who goes to medical school, and guess what’s a part of their initiation…eating raw rabbit’s liver. It doesn’t stop there though, she then starts becoming fascinated with the taste of human flesh. I know, that escalated pretty quickly. However, this will eventually lead to her downfall in the film because trying to eat the people around you doesn’t constitute as good social skills. This film is insane and there was no point where I felt that I knew what was coming next, and that was exhilarating and frightening at the same time.

Before I go to Sleep (2014):

In this film, the main character is a typical woman who has lost her memory. Her husband tries his best to help her relearn her past, but it’s hard when every morning she forgets who she is. The story dives deeper when her husband starts acting strange, things don’t add up, and before she knows it she wakes up and can’t remember why she was skeptical in the first place. To tell anymore would ruin the magic that is this story, however the ending is an extremely well-deserved plot twist for anyone that makes it through the slow and frustrating beginning as we try to piece together what she can’t remember.

Would You Rather (2013):

I have lost count of how many times I have watched this film. I have tried to show it to anyone who would bother watching it.  This sadistic film circles around a woman who is invited to attend a dinner at a doctor’s house. He claims that he can help her with anything she desires, because he knows that her brother is sick and needs medical care she cannot afford. When she attends this dinner she finds out, with a group of others, that it is a game. This game includes, but is not limited to, getting electrocuted, getting stabbed, and holding your head in a barrel of water for four minutes. The ending with this film is also pretty intense and as frustrating as many of the other films on this list, so viewer discretion is advised.

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