Fighting Finals Week

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Finals. The word makes us want to run in the opposite direction and never look back.  Exams and assignments seem never-ending as each professor piles on more stress. Anxiety levels rise and it feels like the world is caving in with no possible solution.

But everything will be okay! We need to tackle finals week head on and show to ourselves that we are strong enough to handle these situations.

1. Make A Checklist

In an article written for the Huffington Post, Carolyn Gregoire discusses that by writing down deadlines, the work will seem more doable. Finals encompass a wide range of assignments such as exams and presentations. The mere thought of having to complete everything by a certain time is daunting but making a checklist will aid in this process. Write down the assignments and exams that are coming up. Next to each item right the date next to them so they can be organized into upcoming and later in the week assignments. After each task is completed and the checkmark is applied, the anxiety of finals week will lessen.

2. Get Plenty of Sleep

Now I know the temptation of pulling an all-nighter is there but try to resist. You need to rest in order to function properly and focus on the items that need to be accomplished. In order to avoid pulling an all-nighter, space out your assignments so that will leave time to get an adequate amount of sleep per night.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

As my mother always say, “Don’t forget to eat young lady!” The stress of finals may affect your appetite but try to eat a balanced diet. Skipping a meal can result in raised irritability or lack of energy. Dr. John Grohol wrote an article for PsychCentral discussing the reasons why not to skip meals.  He states, “By blowing off breakfast, lunch, whatever, you’re actually handicapping yourself.” By maintaining a healthy diet, your energy levels will rise and this will aid in keeping a strong work ethic.

4. Take Breaks

Something that we all need to do once in awhile is take a break from all the schoolwork. Yes there are assignments that need to be completed but you need to set aside time to do things you enjoy. Take a few minutes to check social media or even pick up that book you purchased months ago. Taking small breaks will be a treat and also act as a motivator to finish your assignments.

5. Think of the Future

In a few weeks all this craziness will be behind you! That exam that you spent weeks stressing about will soon be over and you can enjoy a well-deserved break. Another thing to consider is that all this stress is worth it because it is taking you closer to reaching your goal – a career. Remember that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel and choose to approach it head on instead of shying away from it.

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