Hand in Hand

This month’s theme, Hand in Hand, celebrates all things ‘handy’! Our hands play an integral role in nearly every part of our lives – we use them to hold our phones, to eat food with, to make music, to hold hands with other people… They’re our connection with the world, but unless you work at a nail salon or as a hand model, you probably don’t think about them too much.

We do. Loco explores the idea of hands in this month’s issue. We took the theme both literally, ranting about the hell of acrylic nails and the symbolism of hand gestures around the world, and generally, writing about volunteer trips and hand-washing obsession.

Whether you’re spending this holiday season holding hands over a dinner table, forking over heinous amounts of cash for gifts, or scrolling through your phone in the corner at family gatherings, we hope this issue will help you think about the way we as humans use our hands and what they mean in, you know, a deep sense. We also hope it will discourage you from ever getting acrylic nails.

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