Home is…Where? Interviewing an American-African

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing my lovely friend, Acacia, about her experiences with being born in the US but having lived most of her life in Africa. Below are my interview questions. Please (Tafadhali) click the play button when you’re ready to hear Acacia’s responses! Thank you (Asante sana)!

So, you live in America now, but you were born in Africa

And what were your family’s reasons for living in South Sudan and Kenya for all those years

You attended boarding school? Was it an American boarding school, and what was your experience there?

Between South Sudan and Kenya, which of the two countries would you say felt more like “home?”

What are some of your favorite memories from both South Sudan and Kenya?

Were there any specific parts of Kenyan or Sudanese culture that you felt you identified with?

Do any of your experiences here in America ever remind you of life back home?

What about food? Did you suffer from any food-related culture shock when coming to America? And dishes did you enjoy the most over in Africa?

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