I did, did I?

College life is a rewarding time, with a sense of both independence and a better understanding of who you are as a person. Unless you’re a forgetful person like me, and you end up wondering to yourself whether you did all of your tasks, with one very specific phrase: “I did, did I?”

The amount of times it’s said varies from day to day, mainly due to how many classes I have each days, but the phrase, “I did, did I” will jump into my brain at least once. And so, here’s just an average week of what goes on in my brain.

  • “I did set my alarm, did I?”
  • “I did do the laundry last night, did I?”
  • “I did e-mail my teacher about the homework, did I?”
  • “I did do the homework last night, did I?”
  • “I did buy those tickets for ‘Star Wars,’ did I?”
  • “I did finish those articles, did I?”
  • “I did practice my choir pieces, did I?”
  • “I did schedule something with my friends today, did I?”
  • “I did work on that essay for English, did I?”
  • “I did call my Mom today, did I?”
  • “I did finish that new season of ‘Stranger Things,’ did I?”
  • “I did do all the things I did today, did I?”

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