Invader and Beyond

Aliens are among us. The evidence is all over the city, and you can spot them if you know where to look. My favorite street art expert says the best places to look for street art are up and behind you; the aliens are hiding in plain sight.

Often, pieces of street art appear seemingly out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly as they arrive. There is no way to know whether a certain piece of work will be there the next time you go by to try to catch a glimpse. If you can capture it on film, you have rare proof of its existence, and you have captured a very specific moment in time and space.

Among the sublime towers of Canary Wharf, an alien spacecraft crashed in a public square, and there is no way you can convince me otherwise. This is the vessel that carried the visitors who are hiding in plain sight around the city in the image of 8-bit space invaders. One by one they may return to their home planet, no longer to be spotted where I last captured them. But I have evidence that they were once here.

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