John Mayer’s Tour

John Mayer is going to begin touring again this summer. He’s got it all planned out from May until the beginning of July.

The star was off the radar for a while. Between two vocal chord surgeries, and recovering from them, he’s been pretty preoccupied. Fans will be happy though, that he’s finally going to be hitting the road again. He even has a new album that is being released.

In an interview with the Rolling Stone, he breaks down the writing and recording process of his newest sound tracks. His style and sound is totally new for him, and he admits to that. He tells them, “‘I wasn’t interested in doing anything I’ve done before, and I wanted to stoke the fire of abstraction and just start punching hard.’” (Rolling Stone).

Mayer’s also releasing his album in a new way. He got inspiration from artists Drake and Rihanna for this “unconventional approach”. He’s releasing the songs in groups of four, or “waves” as he’s coined them. He says, “If you don’t like these (the first four songs), don’t get the next four” and continues on to say, “if I’ve engendered some kind of trust that you think I’m onto something…come along with me on every single wave.” (Rolling Stone).

Whatever it is that he’s come up with, it will be interesting to follow John Mayer on his own journey through his newest up-coming album: The Search For Everything.


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