Letter from the Editor

When the Loco staff began, we had three members (plus one amazingly dedicated supervisor). Our driving force to create this magazine was to begin a creative outlet where our peers could produce quality work and express our opinions in an open environment that was dedicated to expressing our opinions on pop culture, media, and current events.

Every major media outlet on the campus that our magazine originated on was spear-headed by the university, censoring the type of content that their publications could cover and the standpoints that they expressed through their writing. So we did what no one else was doing. We came together and created a forum where we could tell the truth, our truth.

The years that I have been involved with this publication have led me to further career opportunities, personal development as a writer, and growth as a leader and collaborator. Along with watching Loco grow from the ground up, one of the most amazing things that has happened is seeing staff members gain the inspiration to begin their own publications and add to the amount of progressive media sources on our campus and beyond.

Though it is vast and limitless, the internet gives us the chance to speak and be heard; it is not the downfall, but the savior of our generation. For our twelfth issue of Loco Magazine, we have devoted a whole issue to exploring the complexities of truth and vulnerability. We hope that you enjoy it, and that our work inspires you to tell your own truth to the world.

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