Letter From The Editor

Being a financially unstable college student, the word “free” ignites a great passion within me. Free samples, free coffee, free events…if you tack the word free on something, chances are I’m all about it.

For this issue, we took the concept of free and rolled with it. We wanted to present something that really captured the essence being completely unrestrained and independent. Totally inspired, we came up with Free For All, an edition packed with great pieces that all explore the meaning of freedom. In a more literal sense, there’s articles about the best free Philly events and music downloads. For the travelers and wanderers, there’s a feature about Birthright as well as videos exploring the local Philly scene. With pieces ranging from playlists, to dumpster diving, to all-banana diets, Free For All sheds a whole new light on being truly free.

If you’re feeling pretty confined and over-scheduled, I hope this issue of Loco Mag inspires you to let loose and get out in the world. Like always, we hope you love this issue. Feel free to comment, share, and let us know how you feel. And if you have any design skills, be sure to check out our logo contest. Now be free, Loco readers, and enjoy!

Photo by Kaizat via Flickr. Modifications made.  

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