Letter from the Editor

A new academic year has officially rolled around, which means an entire new staff has joined the Loco ranks! It’s our 13th issue and we couldn’t let the opportunity to explore the concept of awkward transitions, bad luck, and teenage angst pass us by. We present to you “Thirteen” (creative, we know!). Our latest issue features everything from a 13th Street walking tour to a hard-hitting interview with a teenaged boy to drinking games. Like all of our past themes, Thirteen explores new, different meanings of the number and the connotations behind it. Hopefully, this issue will help you recall memories, no matter how embarrassing, of your life at 13 and inspire you to think 13 years into the future.

We want to hear all about your high-school years, your superstitions, or even your favorite place to grab a bite on 13th Street. Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Photo provided by Alexander Makarov via Flickr Creative Commons

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