Letter from the Editor: Out of this World

My favorite tweet of the year so far goes to this one:

The fact that it got so many favorites and retweets just goes to show that we’re all feeling these exact same feels: we have to get the hell out of here. The Hellmouth seems to have expanded and it’s now underneath the entire country, every morning we wake up to a fresh new disaster to worry about, and I’m pretty sure the stomach ulcer rate in the US has gone up since January 20.

So it’s time to escape, if just for a little while. Sure, we have to physically stay and fight – make protest signs and argue with relatives on Facebook and basically kick fascism in the ass 24/7 – but you know, mentally, spiritually, for just a little while, let’s take a journey.

We have a lot in this issue, and it’s one of the best we’ve ever had, in my very humble opinion. So in your interstellar, out-of-this-world journey guided by Loco, you can start with Lana’s wonderful series, I Want to Believe. This issue she’s tackling two topics – Apollo 11 and Aliens – so if either of those things are your thing, get going. If conspiracies are your thing, check out Kristen’s piece on That Poppy. Austin writes about Pluto, because we all care a little too deeply about Pluto. Sam talks about equinox celebrations around the world. I wrote a piece about Women on Waves, AKA abortion pirates. We also have a lot of really excellent multimedia pieces.

Take a breath, grab your oxygen tank, and hold tight to your stuffed animals, because it’s time for lift-off friends – Loco is headed through the stratosphere.

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