Letter from the Editor: Tabula Rasa

According to Wikipedia (as all quality pieces of writing begin), tabula rasa is the concept that people are born without any “mental content,” so everything that ends up in your mind comes from experience and perception. It’s an interesting concept to center our theme around, especially in January, when the new year has just begun. Maybe it’s going great so far for you, and if it is, hurray! But if it’s not, and you need a kickstart to get your year back on the right track, use this issue of Loco as a springboard.

We have lots to offer this issue, but I would especially like to highlight our ongoing columns. The memetastic Lana, who also runs our Twitter, writes a column called I Want to Believe about conspiracy theories. This issue she’s diving into the Bermuda Triangle to see if she can’t untangle some of the murky mysteries of its depths. We also have Kristen, tea aficionado and avid traveler, writing a Restless Student’s Travel Guide. This issue, she had some unexpected travel difficulties (for realism), and ended up exploring Philly. Finally, Julia, the super-relatable everyman woman, takes on societal issues in her column, Why Are You Like This? In this issue she tackles New Year’s Resolutions.

LocoMag is best enjoyed with either A) a glass of wine, B) a mug of hot chocolate, or C) a fuzzy blanket. You may mix and match these ingredients as you see fit.

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