Listen Up Freshmen: Words of Wisdom from Upperclassmen

Freshmen advice.  It’s actually less advice as it is a strong suggestion to abide by an unspoken code of rules and guidelines that will help you survive in college.  If you’re reading and happen to  find yourself an offender, or even worse a repeat-offender, not even realizing that you have been going against this new advice bestowed upon you, have no fear. You have another semester left of freshman-dom left in your future to turn it around.
When It’s Time To Let Loose:
(Let’s face it, this needed to be said)
“There’s free condoms in health services. Use them!” – Brittany T.
“Don’t drink too much and make sure you put yourself out there. Networking is the key to success at this stage in life” -Erik Flood

“Don’t go ‘hook-up’ crazy because Arcadia is too small.” -Alexa Rodriguez

“Don’t get too crazy and get a reputation because you will become ‘that girl'” -Lindsey Berlin

 “Don’t think you’re hiding stuff, because you’re not. So if you want to have sex & you think no one’s going to find out, you’re wrong. You’re welcome.” -Kay Manning

“Have safe sex.” -Nick Morris

“Don’t drink & be stupid.” -Mursal Sekandari

“Sleep all day party all night.” -Jillian Santora

“Party Tip #233: Don’t drink from the communal punch bowl.” – Anonymous

Hit The Books and Study Up:
(You know, since that is the reason you go here)
“I would say don’t get overwhelmed & keep a close eye on your studies.” – Robert Migliaccio

“Don’t skip class.” -Jess Campbell

“Take Science in Civilization before senior year.” -Jackie Wickline

“Get your gen ed’s out of the way now, you may want to change your major eventually.” – Lindsey Berlin

“Don’t start writing a paper after 11pm. It’s not worth it at that point. & learn to like coffee, you will need it.” -Rich Baker

“The adjustment from high school to college is a big one so make sure you do everything you can to keep up with your work & studies.” -Leah Johnson

“Get solid grades so you don’t flunk out.” -Mike Cahill

“When a professor gives you a chance to turn in a draft, turn it in. It can make a huge difference in your grade.” -Amanda Bruck

“A good night sleep beats an extra 2 hours of studying any day.” -Tj Keane

Take it Easy, Don’t Stress:
(Everything is going to be OK- probably) 

“Do not let stress take over, no matter what happens always allow yourself a breather if you get overwhelmed, take a walk outside.” -Bex M.

“Don’t forget that when you get stressed out there are so many resources to use to help you out. Your friends, roommates, hallmates; your RA; there’s a free counseling center. Never be afraid to admit you need help.” -Heather Shalita

“I graduated this past may- although I’m not a current student- I’ll surely give advice! Time Management is key! Between papers, exams, homework, social life, personal life, time for yourself, work- the list is endless- it becomes really easy to lose complete track of everything.” -Amaris Cordero

Campus Life:
(The one that exists outside of your dorm room) 

“Get involved around campus in events & clubs.” -Laura Ussery

“I would say study abroad if you can afford it, because getting out of the United States and experiencing learning in a different environment and just living in a different culture is such an eye opening and amazing experience. I think everyone should try it at least once in their lives and Arcadia makes it so easy that it’s a perfect time to do it here.” -Kara Wright

“Go on a preview trip and take at least one class from Michael Dwyer if you can! Also don’t talk to the creepy guy in the dining hall who swipes ids.” – Frankie

“Rule to live by at Arcadia: Don’t ask questions (you don’t wanna know the answer or you will just lose all respect for the person). Study abroad often because you need to experience real people as much as possible. And last, but certainly not least, do not bounce ping pong balls around your apartment!” -Tashana Staehle

“Go on preview!” -Rose Coyne

“Arcadia has so much to offer. People complain about there not being anything to do, but they don’t go out and see for themselves! Get involved, and go to events.” -Sammy Nickalls

“Never give up! Even when you think nothing is going your way and nothing will get better, it will. And have your priorities straight! That’s the key to success.” -Kate Waters

“Don’t be afraid to try something new; meet someone different; college is the time of your life to experience everything you can, so go out there and be adventurous.” -Megan Mack

“Get involved. Dont hesitate even its something you don’t think your cut out for. You never know if you dont try! You’ll have a much better time on campus than hauled away in your dorm room.” -Jeff Barth

“Explore the community! You’ll feel caged up if you stay within campus walls all the time. Glenside has lots of cute little shops, the Willow Grove Mall is only a short bus ride away, and Philly’s always got something going on. Septa isn’t as confusing as it seems.” -Nesh Waid

“As cliché as it sounds, you can never meet enough people. Always try to expand your friends group.” -Kevin N.

“Don’t get too attached to the friends you make during the first week of school. They’re probably not going to be the ones that you’ll be with to the end. Be open to making new friends.” -Emily Proper

“Don’t look down at the ground when you pass people. Say hi to them.” -Jayson Flores

(Just like that guy you always see walking around alone, who may or may not go here)

“Bring a toolbox – it’ll come in handy.” – Samantha Ebert

 “Stop with the sweat pants to class–not ok.” -Lindsey Berlin
** addendum nothing pink and fluffy. There is one girl on campus. She knows who she is. And it needs to stop. Burn them.”

“Don’t each chat french fries before a work out… unless you’re a masochist… then enjoy.” -Katelyn Wellnitz

 “Don’t swim in the water feature!” -Shaun McQuade

 “Don’t settle problems on Facebook. Be an adult & talk face to face with people.” -Drew Hurchick

If you cut in front of me at the Chat, I will take names. Wait your freakin’ turn.” -Bri W.

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  • Hailey says:

    Nice list. Definitely had some LOL moments…good times…

    I have 2 more:
    Be persistent and ask a lot of questions, sometimes its the only way to get things done
    and DO NOT procrastinate on your Senior Thesis.

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