Loco Mag Logo Design Contest

Submit your logo design entries here by Monday, November 17 at 3 p.m.

Did you ever dream to see your designs in a real magazine? Loco Mag is looking for creative individuals to completely revamp our logo. The winning logo, picked by the Loco Mag staff, will appear on our website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Plus, the winner will receive recognition on the About page.

Please submit:

  1. Banner logo – (no size requirement, but keep in mind that this will appear on top of our website, so it should be rectangular-shaped)
  2. Square logo (500 x 500 px) – appear on social media and favicon

Please keep all raw files of the logo. If your design is chosen, we would like to have the raw (ai, .psd, etc.) file you used. You may submit as many designs as you want.

What you’ll get

Sorry, we can’t pay you. In fact, nobody gets paid here. We do this because we’re passionate and so we can fill our portfolios with stunning work. If that sounds like you, please submit your design.

More information about us:

Please read the info below to learn more about us and guidelines on what we want in our logo.

What we’re about

Loco Mag was started by three Arcadia University students in fall 2011 as a place showcase the ideas and talents of college students in the Philadelphia region. Since then we’ve had over thirteen issues, filled with quality-tested drinking games, interviews with upcoming bands, silly rants, Philly food guides, and stimulating personal essays from abroad, reaching thousands of views per month. A lot has changed since our first issue. We want our logo to reflect our new vision.

Loco Mag’s audience is an 18-25 year-old college students in the greater Philadelphia region. Although we’re a lifestyle publication for college students, we don’t write about anything related to school (we leave that up to the campus newspaper). We post writing, photography, podcasts, video, etc. College students visit our website to take a study break and procrastinate from their final paper.

Where did the name Loco come from?

Loco came from the idea of the locomotive. Loco Mag was a new direction and idea for college lifestyle – it was off-campus lifestyle. Like the locomotive, Loco Mag is constantly on the move as we change our theme every month (past themes can be found on the sidebar).

Who is Loco Mag?

If Loco Mag was a person, many people would think she’s a hipster. But she’s too into pop culture to be a true hipster. She’s honest and sometimes raunchy, but in a fun way. She babbles about random thoughts, social injustice, her favorite TV shows and bands, and gives her friends life and style advice.

We’re the college-aged version of Rookie mag and Thought Catalog wannabes. Adjectives that best describe Loco: media-savvy, indie, easygoing

What we’re looking for

  • A design that fits our website redesign that will look similar to this.
  • Unisex design
  • Trendy, rather than traditional style
  • Appeals to our college-age audience
  • Use LOCO MAG (all caps), not Loco Magazine,
  • White background
  • Web-friendly
  • If you chose to use images, you could relate it to the locomotive meaning behind our name. This is just a suggestion.
  • Text – No script, no gothic, no handwritten, no bubbles, no rounded edges.
  • No drop shadow
  • Logos we like:
    1. Urban Outfitters and Nylon magazine: We like the simple text with unique elements that make it edgy.
    2. Stylebubble: We like that it’s artsy, vibrant and fun

What we don’t like about our current logo:

  • It looks sporty. We’re more artsy.
  • Please get rid of the turquoise blue color. We’re not attached to blue. Please feel free to use any color.

If you have any questions, please contact Frances at frances (at) locomag (dot) com.

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