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Business CardsMagickal Housewife is a shoppe based out of Buddford, NJ that specializes in bath and body products, candles, ritual oils and other products for spiritual practitioners. Owner and operator, Sonja Moran makes all of the products herself and also offers tarot, angel and oracle card readings. Her one-woman, pagan-based shop features only her unique products, which reflect her personal beliefs, practices and personality. I sat down with Sonja in order to learn some more about the inspiration behind her business.

LocoMag: Who/What inspired you to open up your own business?

Sonja Moran: Myself, My Family, The Divine (a term used by most spiritual practitioners for the power of a God, Goddess, Mother Earth, Deity, or spirit. To me, personally, The Divine is a Goddess of which I work with and call upon a daily basis), and a specific friendly shop owner that I have developed a bond have inspired me to express myself spiritually in the work that I do and to help provide people with the tools for their needs on their journey. When people come to me for a special or custom item for their practices, it is awesome. There is really nothing like it, my clients make me feel special and I love helping them – it’s what keeps me going to make their things as well as things for new clients.

LocoMag: What lead you to incorporating pagan-based rituals into your business, and why do you believe it is important to do so?

Sonja Moran: Well, I have always really loved shopping at metaphysical places from a very young age, I found it fascinating! More importantly, I am a very spiritual person. My everyday life is based off of it so incorporating that into my work is a must because it is who I am. I like offering tools for ritual and workings to practitioners of many different beliefs. A lot of love and good intentions are poured into what I create, and it’s so important for me to love what I do – If I didn’t it would feel like work to me.

LocoMag: Who are spiritual practitioners and how do they use your products in their everyday routines?

Sonja Moran: Spiritual practitioners are people of many different faiths and beliefs such as Witches, Ceremonial Magicians, Catholics, Ecletics, HooDoos, Wiccans, Pagans, and many things in between. Spiritual Practitioners believe in looking to The Divine, ancient Gods, Angels, working with The Universe and communicating with Spirits. They perform these practices in order to live the life they want to lead and get their desired outcomes by using magick to try to bend reality and manipulate their destiny, love life, a new job, their health, etc. These people are your co-workers, your next door neighbors, your family members, and so on. They are regular, every day people with an open mind and a great love for spirituality, balance and faith.

LocoMag: What goes into making your products and do you find any difficult being just a one-woman shop?

Sonja Moran: Love, Good “Juju” & Intentions go into my work and products. If my energy is down or if I am just not feeling it – I will wait to create items until I am feeling good about it. I will not do tarot readings unless I have complete concentration. I feel like my good energy is the key to making my items special and if it lacks that then it’s no good to me, I couldn’t live with myself ripping people off (because that is what I would feel like I was doing). I always make sure I bless every item that is sent out by letting the Divine know who the product is for and what their intentions are (if I know them), if not then I just simply ask that this person will get their desired outcome best suited for them by using the item or items. I find it difficult sometimes because I feel like people hold me responsible for their fate by using my items for certain intentions they have set in their mind, no matter how much magick you do or how much you try to influence something to go one way – sometimes.. if it is not meant to be, it just will not happen. I do not create miracles and cure alls for people. Magick lies within your intention and is something that needs to be worked at and shouldn’t be taken lightly.


LocoMag: What are some of your top selling products and do you have any you would recommend for college students?

Sonja Moran: Some of my most popular sellers are my “Stress Free Bath Salts”, “Cash Flow Candles”, “Attraction Ritual Oil”, “Hekate’s Torch Candle”, “Full Moon Magick Candles”.

For college students I might recommend my “Stress free bath salts”, “Stress Free Soap” “Eucalytpus, Spearmint & Lavender soy candle”, “Mr. Sandman Salve”, “Keep Calm All natural bath salts”, “Full Moon Magcik Candles”, “Angel Wisdom Novena Candle & Oil”, “Road Opener Candle” “Restful Sleep Oil”, “Calming Oil”, “Mind Body & Spirit Indian Sandalwood Hemp Oil Soap” and of course any custom made item they might desire!

LocoMag: Also, for those who are new to pagan-based products and practices, what would you suggest would be a good start if they are interested in introducing them to their lifestyle?

Sonja Moran: I think the most important place to start is READ. Really, I can not recommend it enough and there are SO many excellent books the subject and that is where most people start. As far as products from my shop, I suggest buying some sage – that is the perfect place to start because you should try to start new and eliminate any restrictions, negative thoughts, fears, and so on from yourself and your home or space. I would also recommend starting out with either a candle or oil of Patchouli or Dragons Blood because they are multipurpose items that can be incorporated in to any working and are great products for beginners. My Lavender & Sage Candle would be a great first addition as well as my “Spiritual Renewal” herbal bath salts might also be really useful to someone who is new to practicing. I have a set of bottled herbs most frequently used in magick and ritual, I would also suggest those – but first please read up on all herbs and flowers and never ingest anything just to be safe! Aside from my products and books, I also recommend creating an Altar or space that is private that you can set up things that mean something to you as well as your candles, incense, herbs, pictures, statues, gem stones, oils, and so on. Anyone interested and seeking further answers should feel free to contact me on my etsy shop at or, and I would be glad to help point you in the right direction!




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