A Wonderland of Tits and Dicks: Museum of Sex Review

With a subject matter like sex, the Museum of Sex in New York City has a lot of fun stimulating their visitors.

Immediately when entering the museum, guests encounter a large white room with an unavoidable theater-sized projection of Deep Throat, the mass released porn that told the story of a woman with a clitoris in the back of throat that can only be pleasured by performing a blow job. Guests learn about the career of Linda Lovelace and her rejection of porn later in life, all while her infamous blow job scene plays in the background.

On the next floor, enter into “Funland” to play in the mini erotic-themed amusement park. Guests feel their way through the dark mirror maze, avoiding dead ends and overcoming darkness fears, where they must reach the G-spot. Plant your face inside cleavage while bouncing around in the boobie bouncy house. And hold on tight to the crotches, assholes, and tits when climbing the rock wall boulders, shaped like different parts of the reproductive system. A word of warning: don’t lose at the penis carnival racing game. Losers will be spanked.

The museum debunks the misconceptions that animals merely have sex for reproduction. In fact, animals do have sex for pleasure. At first look, “The Sex Lives of Animals” shows sculptures of animals performing sexual acts – deer in a threesome, pandas mounting each other, and dolphins doing blow hole penetration. The exhibition illustrates that the process of sex vary amongst animals – some prefer homosexual relationships like lions, giraffes, and elephants, flamingos like to watch, dolphins enjoy anal, and male kangaroos like to perform fellatio on themselves.

The Museum of Sex isn’t shy about talking about the birds and bees. It has an honest and sometimes raunchy approach to talking about sex through the historical exhibits, playful carnival games, and biological study.

For cheap tickets, go online and sign up for their newsletter to get $3 off general admission.

In the boobie bouncy house at #MoSex

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