Naked With Your Clothes On Photo Essay

Naked in your Clothes

Identity. Who are you? What do you define yourself as? We search and strip ourselves down to find the answers to these major questions. Once we have figured who we are, soul bared and naked, we have to figure out an appropriate way to express this out loud. While this can be done in several different ways my favorite examples are fashion mavens— girls and guys who dress not just for necessity, but for art, for style, and for luxury. They know that a well-placed accessory, a firmly starched shirt, or a bold color combination tells a story about them, creating a dialogue with every stranger they pass. When someone is dressed particularly well or differently, people stare. Because they have dared to dress according to their personality and not hide behind what is acceptable or expected. Be honest with your story and tell it with your clothes. Here’s what some Arcadia students had to say about their own style choices.



“I like fashion that makes a statement. My favorite style decade is definitely the 70’s.”



“I’m Miss Bohemian Rhapsody.”



“I’ll shop in any type of store and buy clothes from anywhere as long as it’s comfortable and still looks good.”



” I am definitely hobo chic, but like a combination of grunge meets punk meets hippie from England in the 70s’. “



“My work clothes have to be versatile. I’ve got to look professional while still getting my hands dirty.”



“I keep things classic and feminine but also mix in edgier and laid back pieces. “



“I just wear what looks nice.”

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