Never Odd or Even

Palindromes are words that look the same backwards and forwards. But what about situations where you turn your expectations upside down? Local Tourists, four undergraduate students from Arcadia University decided to visit their home city of Philadelphia as if they were visitors, in an attempt to understand what it means to be strange. Emelie Vasquez reports:

We went looking for places that any other tourists may not see to get a better understanding of the city we call home.  One of our favorite stops was Professor Ouch’s Bizarre Bazaar and Odditorium. This curiosity shop is split into three rooms and is set up so the further back you dare to walk, the stranger it gets. We traveled through a collection of everything from old Godzilla figures to a Fiji mermaid and taxidermied squirrels playing cards. It was a cool stop to make and we got a great conversation with the cashier out of it. According to her it’s not the things around us that are strange, even if you don’t understand it at first.

Professor Ouch’s Bizarre Bazaar & Odditorium

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