Onward To Freedom: A Playlist

Everybody needs a soundtrack before going on a grand adventure. Whether it’s going out of state for college, studying abroad, road tripping, or simply exploring, these are songs for the beginnings of journeys.

But like all things, there’s some steps you need to take before you’re on your way—here are some songs from the playlist to help you with your mental packing list before you go out into the wild, and for while you’re on your journey!

First Things First – Neon Trees

Don’t forget that you have to put energy in, in order to get something out. Take care of your responsibilities and deal with your mistakes. Clear the air and start fresh, and only expect to receive what you’ve earned.

Kill Your Heroes – AWOLNATION

You can’t go out into the world holding onto false ideas of people. You have to tear down everything you know and start from scratch. Before you open yourself up to new ideas, destroy all of the things you once thought were true. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Warrior – Paradise Fears

Don’t go out unarmed. You have to have confidence in your own abilities and superpowers. Know yourself, pack your metaphysical and metaphorical weapons, and remember all your real or imagined kick-butt karate training.

Believe – The Bravery

Find something that fires you up, that you are willing to fight for. When you have a purpose and values, you are unshakeable. Hold onto what you know is right, and if you don’t know what that is, look for it. Back up your beliefs with all you’ve got.

Follow My Feet – The Unlikely Candidates

When you’re lost or confused, and different people are pulling you in opposite directions, look to yourself. At the end of the day, you know where you’re going, and what you want to do.

Life in Color – OneRepublic

Take time to enjoy the little things. Adventures are worthwhile because of the journey, not the destination. Even if you do get to where you’re going, all of your effort is wasted if you didn’t even notice how you got there. Challenge yourself to record the things you see in ways other than taking pictures—write in a journal, draw, write a song, or simply look. Respond to your surroundings, and they will reverberate deeply within you.

Stars(Hold On) – Youngblood Hawke

When the going gets tough, look for a guiding light. You don’t always have to be alone. There are people out there who want to help you, you just have to remember to watch out for them. Don’t be afraid to reach out—people are often kinder than you’d expect.

Change  Churchill

Be ready to become a new person. Take in all that happens to you, and don’t feel trapped in one way of thinking or doing something. Expect to see someone different looking back at you in the mirror after everything is said and done.

Come Alive – Rachel Taylor

And finally, breathe. Step into the skin you’ve always worn but never felt at home in. Use your body until it almost breaks, but take care of it. Stretch the limits of your beliefs until they fall apart, then build them back up. Become stronger, newer, and truer to yourself.

After all of this, we’re

On Our Way – The Royal Concept


The Great Unknown – Jukebox the Ghost

Featured Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

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  • Bri Wink says:

    what a great mix! seriously, i’m listening to this right now and i just want to get in a car and drive cross country or like board a plane or something. it’s awesome!

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