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Racecar Backwards

November 2017

Through a Prism

October 2017

Raison D'Etre

Summer 2017

Through the Years

May 2017

Out of This World

March 2017

Tabula Rasa

January 2017

End of the Line

December 2016

The Forgotten Issue

November 2016

Literally Obsessed

October 2016


May 2016

My Lists


I’ve always been obsessed with writing lists; something about seeing my handwriting down on paper is so calming. It makes me feel more neat and orderly.

Are You Kidding Me?

April 2016

Clyde the Ghost


I’m getting real sick of fruit. I’ve been stuck in here for eight days now and the only food I’ve been able to find is fruit. Although, I suppose I should count myself lucky there’s food here at all. It’s a maze, not a bed and breakfast, but if I have to eat another cherry I’m gonna lose it.

Your ID

March 2016

Judging the Cover


If you listen to the most popular old cliches–don’t judge a book by its cover, it’s what’s inside that counts–then it would be easy to believe my altered looks don’t change who you are as a person. And they don’t; but that’s not where the story ends.

Resolve for X

December 2015

A Factory Artform: My Experiences Glassblowing


Glassblowing is one of the modern world’s most interesting and intense forms of factory-based artistry. In his own experience with this fascinating artform, this writer seeks to share his appreciation for the beauty and importance of this craft with our readers. Enjoy an inside look at glassblowing from a passionate enthusiast!

Hand in Hand

November 2015

Of Monsters and Masks

October 2015

Fight or Flight

May 2015


April 2015

SFO: Vegan Mecca


I’ve heard dozens of stories and seen thousands of pictures touting the Bay Area’s vegan food spots. So, after I bought my PHL to SFO plane ticket, I constructed my master plan to hit up all the must-visit spots I could.

The Re: Issue

March 2015

Reliving The Past


While all of us twenty-somethings are resorting back to old fads, there are little kids playing games and listening to music on their iPads. But what’s even weirder is when we see younger generations following the outdated trends that we know we started.

On Break

December 2014

Broken Flowers


In Broken Flowers (2005), Bill Murray plays Don Johnston, a white-upper-middle-class-America version of the classic character Don Juan. If you didn’t notice the name connection from the get-go, the film makes damn sure you recognize it within the first ten minutes.

Free for All

November 2014

Black Friday is the Worst


It’s Black Friday. There’s already a line outside the store. With a hope and a prayer (and dangerous amounts of coffee) you begin helping other human beings buy various materialistic items at absurd hours of the night.


October 2014

Letter from the Editor


We present to you “Thirteen”! Our latest issue features everything from a 13th street walking tour to an hard-hitting interview with a teenager to drinking games. Like all of our past issues, Thirteen explores new, different meanings of the number and the connotations behind it.

Naked Truth

May 2014

Against the Grain

March 2014


February 2014

Stories We Tell

December 2013


November 2013

One More Song


It is the end of the concert: the lights fade, the last chord resonates through the room, the lead singer drops the microphone onto the stage floor with a loud thud as the band leaves the stage.


May 2013

British Invasion

March 2013


February 2013

The Boys from Ballarat: A Chat with Gold Fields


Can’t stop dancing and don’t know why? It’s probably because you’ve been listening to Gold Fields, masters of hypnotic, synth-infused, tribal, dance pop, hailing all the way from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Chosen by Billboard, Dailymotion, and MTV as artists to watch in 2013, this energetic group of 20-somethings is bringing a sound to the industry that’s all their own.


December 2012

Turning Over a New Leaf

November 2012


April 2012


March 2012

Keswick Coffee House


The Keswick Coffee House resides in a small area within Glenside known as the Keswick Village. The video contains brief coverage on the coffee house’s history and an interview with one of the owners, Joe McCarthy.