Poltergeist or Pest

Ever have that one roommate you wish would just disappear, but it seems like no matter how hard you try they keep coming back? Kinda like Lindsay Lohan’s acting career. You tell yourself the best way to handle the situation would be to pretend the roommate is invisible, what do you do when that annoying roommate already is?

This past year I recently moved into haunted dorm room. And while I will admit I’ve had my doubts about whether ghosts existed, I can honestly say I 100% believe I am now living with one. Shockingly enough they are not as scary as every horror movie I’ve ever seen makes them out to be. They are more like that one really quiet roommate who never goes to class and spends all day slamming doors, flickering lights, and redecorating your space while you’re in class.

Normally, I would find a time to discuss my issues about quiet time and boundaries with the person, but since they are long dead and my school has a strict no Ouija board policy, I don’t see that conversation happening anytime soon. I will say, however, I have recently found myself begging my hauntingly deadbeat roommate to stop being a freeloading squatter and either move out or pay tuition like the rest of us poor souls. Some of the incidents included tossing my roommates stuffed monkey on the floor or when in the middle of writing an essay my concentration was repeatedly broken by an annoyingly rhythmic tapping  on my window. Of course these incidents are quickly followed by room meetings where my roommates and I would not only discuss whether or not the ghost should have to sign the roommate agreement too, seeing as they are also a resident of the room, corporeal or not, but whether they would be a better fit for our room than, the less than stable southern belle, who decided the best way to take her meds was by buying a sledgehammer to crush them with. We would ask each other if this ghost infestation was something we could go to our RA about our ghost problem without sounding like sleep-deprived lunatics. This later leads to another room meeting over whether the ghost was female or not, and what a violation of privacy it was if the ghost was a male.

Many have tried to give me advice on what to do to about the situation and the overall consensus is to just ignore it. I will say this plan worked for the first few days when the worst thing to happen was couple of late night door slams here and there. But how am I expected to earn this quite expensive education when my room randomly turns into a 1980’s rave or I’m stuck repeatedly having to pick up my pillow back on my bed, only for it to be pushed right back on the ground again. As the school year goes on , I’m beginning to wonder if the only thing supernatural about the ghost was their ability to be more irritating than my psychotic roommate.

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