Spring Postcard Art

Print Communication is alive!

(Regardless of all the depressing news to the contrary that we’ve been getting over the past few years as students with a print concentration.)

For my senior creative project I’ve been altering photographs that I’ve taken over the past few years and turning them into postcards. I’ll be sending them out using the real live postal service right after I’m done displaying the cards on Thesis night.

A handful of them attempt to embody the feelings of Spring and the awesomeness of Philadelphia! Check out the link on the photograph above to see a few.

To see the rest, along with all of the other brilliant creative projects from the senior Communications students, stop by Murphy Hall on Friday, April 27th, from 7-10pm.

Now go hand write a letter outside in the glorious Spring weather!

(And if it’s raining when you read this, assume that I meant the glorious Spring weather quip to be sarcastic.)

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