Resolve for X

The end of the year is a busy time; people are running around Christmas shopping, attending parties with loved ones and friends, and often the week between Christmas and New Year’s gets swallowed up in the bustle. But really, the last week of the year is a time to look back on the year you’ve just had, and forward to the year to come.

Most people make resolutions during this time, promises to themselves that the coming year will be different for x, y, and z reason. I’m not sure the exact statistics on this, but I’d be willing to bet that most gym memberships bought on January first are forgotten by February, and the social media bans have ended with “maybe I’ll just peek…”, and you’ve sent more than a few texts to that boy you swore you wouldn’t speak to in the new year.

Whether you’re going to keep your resolutions or not, and even if you think resolutions are bullshit, Loco has something for you this month. With our double-sided issue Resolve for X, we’ve opened ourselves up to explore dual concepts. We talk about resolutions from every angle of the word, as well as explore the concept of X – whether it’s taken to mean ‘X marks the spot,’ ex-boyfriend or -girlfriend, or Xmas. After all, the new year is beginning, but the old one is ending.

So in between the shopping, eggnog, and videos of Nick Offerman sitting by the fire, make time for you by reading this issue of Loco. We promise, it won’t disappoint.

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