Split Screen: Arrow vs The Flash

In honor of the highly anticipated superhero movies coming out in the next couple of months I decided what better shows to compare than those about comic book heroes. The two subjects of my comparison, CW’s hit shows The Flash, which just started its second season, airs on Tuesday nights followed by Arrow on Wednesday. Both shows, which are based on DC comic book heroes, are amazing in their own right, but in this superhero smack down who would win?

The Flash is about crime scene analyst Barry Allen who after being struck by lightning gains the power of super speed. The story focuses on how Barry and his friends struggle to find a way to use his new powers for good while also fighting the most ridiculous villains ever. Nonetheless, the show is still able to maintain a happy-go-lucky vibe in each episode through its use of funny movie and comic references and awkwardly adorable characters. My only warning is for The Flash is there are moments when the show, due to its intense look at flashbacks, alternate universes, and time travel, becomes just “A big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff”instead a show about the super powered speedster.

Arrow, on the other hand, tells the action-packed story of Oliver Queen, a brooding billionaire with a Batman complex, who is trying to save his dying city. Oliver has a good intentions, but his crime-fighting alter ego is constantly labeled as a reckless vigilante who takes justice into his own hands. And if the treacherous bad guys aren’t dark enough, Oliver also has to face his worst enemy, himself. Which if you haven’t guessed, is why Arrow is considered the ‘Dark Knight’  to The Flash’s sunny disposition. Be warned, Arrow is more likely to have you questioning your own morality than laughing out loud.

Over the past year both shows have each built up their own fan bases and even have shared a few epic crossover episodes with each other. When it comes down to which is better, I say it depends on what the viewer is looking for. If you want your usual case of a tortured action hero adventure, then Arrow is the show for you. But if you prefer your heroes making you laugh as they save the day, then go with The Flash instead. However, if you are comic book hero groupie, like yours truly, I would recommend watching them both.

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