Spring Break: Getaways or Staycations

Spring Break is a month away; do you have your week’s plans in order? If you have just started thinking about your plans maybe you should ask yourself, are you more enticed by an impending adventure or the ability to take a week to relax and put your mind at ease? This is the time for the ultimate battle between taking the opportunity to get away or finally getting the “you” time you have been waiting for by planning the perfect “Staycation”.  Either way, a great Spring Break must be: Entertaining, Rejuvenating, Affordable, and Memorable.


Nearby Cities: Lucky for the stellar Northeast coasters, we have several wonderfully entertaining cities at our disposal. New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh are all within reach to plan some killer day or overnight trips. Why not take a day to see Times Square and Central Park? Or head to Baltimore’s inner harbor to see The National Aquarium or take a nice dinner cruise. Head to D.C and go monument hopping. There are so many options, a simple Google search will find something that fits your needs.

The Beach: Oh the beach, the staple of the Spring Break experience. However, with the way the weather’s been acting this year you might have to travel as far south as possible in order to get some warmth.  March is still early in the season, so prices on hotels shouldn’t be too outrageous, but again where you can find warmth you will find people willing to pay for it. While a trip down south for some sun and surf may not be the most economical of the choices on the gamut, it sure sounds heavenly.

Festivals/Concerts:  Some underrated and often overlooked Spring Break activities are festivals and concerts. It is a great opportunity to check out something new, experience something foreign or bizarre, and meet people, if that’s what you’re into. This handy website can help http://www.findfestival.com/

Also check out local music venues for shows or not so local venues and take a trip. Search for where some of your favorite artists will be performing, get your tickets and plan out an adventure.

Staycation Check-list

Netflix Binge: I know you’ve been biting your time to binge all past 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother before the end of the final season, so HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! Put on your favorite pair of sweatpants, curl up, and press play.  Consider watching some Netflix Original Shows like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black if you haven’t already viewed them, or if you have, re-watch them. You’ve got time.

Nap: This is pretty self-explanatory but for all the sleep you missed out on this year, this is your time to become the ruler of your nap-time domain.

Hobby Catch-up Time: If you like to cook, take the time to try out some new recipes. If you love intense sports like I do, try bouldering. If you have been dying to finally learn how to play the harmonica, do it! During the semester I find it almost completely impossible to keep up with hobbies when class work, clubs, meetings, and just plain life have to be managed. Take the time to do the things you know you love, but might have forgotten about when you were in academic mode.

Pinterest Day: We all have a Pinterest page and we all have DIY projects, easy, in-house beauty treatments, and fancy/intricate cocktail recipes that have been saved pins for too long. So take a day, melt some crayons on a canvas and write an inspirational quote! Mix up some honey, milk, and gelatin and make your homemade pore strips! Create your tropical-tini and confetti cup and have the time of your life!

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