Spring TV Preview


It’s springtime, which means more is new than the smell of flowers in the air. It means that there is a new batch of shows coming to primetime television! This is when we get to discuss all of the new shows coming out during the wonderful time of spring. This is just a little sample of everything that is to come.

First, the new shows. In March, ABC premiered it’s new drama Missing. Starring Ashley Judd, this show follows a mother, and former CIA agent, Rebecca Winstone, in desperate search to find her missing son.  As an audience, if all else fails, use this show as an excuse to virtually travel all through Europe. According to the March 5-11 issue of TvGuide, this series films on location through Paris, Rome, Prague, and more.

Still on ABC, premiering on April 11th, Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23 is a comedy that follows a mid-western girl who moves to New York City and encounters not so trustworthy people, including her roommate.

Then, premiering on April 22 on HBO, Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Selina Meyer, the vice president of the United States, in the new show Veep.


Returning shows this spring include the following:

Fox’s Breaking In, which began its second season on March 6. The season opener guest starred Megan Mullally (Will & Grace). The previously canceled show gasps for air with it’s new found life on Tuesday nights.

The ever so popular, Emmy award winning show, Mad Men, airing on AMC, returned for its long awaited fifth season with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, March 25. They promise that the clues from the season finale will be answered this season (Hint: They were hidden in the season opener).  Then, after one of TV’s most controversial season finales, The Killing returned on April 1 with a promise to reveal the killer at the end of this season’s 13-episode stretch. However, newly single Sarah Lindin (Mireille Enos) is facing problems on her own after the massive betrayal of her partner.

Over on USA, Fairly Legal came back on Friday, March 16 for its second season. They are introducing a new lawyer (Ryan Johnson) who will play a major part in Kate’s life. Next we have In Plain Sight, which returned on USA on March 16 for its final season. We left off with Mary pregnant and in danger at the end of the season as she went into labor. The season opener promises to deliver major surprises as we see Mary as a new mom and Marshall still with his girlfriend/go-to detective, Abigail. However, the series executive producers promise that Marshall and Mary will resolve their issues about their relationship.

Moving to Showtime, the second season of The Borgias premieres April 8th. This show will pick up where viewers left off with a bigger emphasis on the corrupt Catholic Church and its devilish ways.

Finally, HBO’s newest craze, Game of Thrones, returned on April 1st for a season that promises major game changers. Season two will open with a bloody civil war and many shifting loyalties. As always, this season promises to follow the books very well.

There you have it. A quick look at the hit shows returning this spring. As always there are more shows coming out. Tune in and check them out.


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