The Caped Crusader

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, that’s just stupid- it’s a weather-appropriate dressed girl in a plaid cape. When the wind becomes your greatest foe the only battle armor you need is layers on layers on layers. Layers keep you prepared to fight wind attacks as well as unexpected bouts of heat. Sweat stains can be fatal to a perfectly good outfit.

Today I spent an extended period of my day out of the temperature-controlled environment of my apartment and was forced to rejoin the outside world. I had work and class, which meant a lot of back and forth between indoors and outdoors. I needed to walk a fine line between dressing for the weather and dressing for an over-heated office. Layers were the only answer.

caped-crusader-1acaped-crusader-2 caped-crusader-3 caped-crusader-4

Only multiple layers of plaid can combat freezing East Coast winds, making it perfectly acceptable for me to leave my jacket unbuttoned outside. I get to show off my outfit without freezing to death. I consider the cape that I wore underneath my jacket as a blanket that can pass as clothing. For a long time I swore that I would never cave in and buy a cape because I thought it to be an overpriced fad. Considering I still see people wearing capes to this day, I’d say it’s a bit more than a fad, which I’m glad about now. However at the time of purchase I was still skeptical when I saw it on sale at Topshop — but I could never say no to plaid.

Plaid has always been kind of badass and full of personality to me. Layering two different types of plaid can be a real eyesore but I didn’t see it that way. I think it has something to do with the primary colors in my cape and jacket? Maybe? I don’t know, but it looked fuckin’ rad.

Anyway, I played up the plaid with an all black ensemble underneath. A long sleeve crop top and high waisted black jeans were casual enough to blend into the background. However when it was time to take off my layers indoors, all black looks pretty damn good on its own.

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