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Awards season has finally arrived! From Emmys to Academy Awards to Oscars, there is no limit to the amount of glamour we see in Hollywood this time of year. However, my personal favorite, which is often lacking in the classy department, is the Grammys. And this year, we’ve certainly had our fill of excitement. While some acts were surprisingly enchanting, others were downright gimmicky, and some hovered around an “I just don’t know how to feel about this” level.  So on my scientific scale of levels 1-10, 1 being  astoundingly well-done, sincere artistry and 10 being the most gimmicky, cheesy, and sloppy, here is a breakdown of the 2014 Grammys.

Foremost, hats off to Pharrell (seriously take it off!)

Pharrell’s Hat:  Level 10


What?! Why? Not only was the hat doofy, downright ugly and distracting, but it was such an apparent eyesore that it warranted its own Twitter account and took the winners circle as the leading meme of the night. Gimmicky to a tee, it hyped up Pharrell’s presence at the awards show tenfold than what it would have been had he left the hat at home.

Taylor Swift’s Background Dance Moves: Level 8

“Oh, look at ‘so and so’ performing” *Cut To: Taylor doing strange arm swings*

“Kendrick is goin’ in right now” *Cut To: Taylor attempting to shoulder lean and rap along*


We get it Taylor, you love your fellow artist’s work; we do too, but could you please calm down, because all the cameras like to broadcast you looking ridiculous instead of the actual performance.  Stop being a spectacle, and sit a few out.

Same Love, 35 Marriages: Level 5

Macklemore Wedding pic

It was an incredible concept; it presented a very progressive and tolerant affair for an awards show. Above all, it was a true surprise and transformation of what would have been a standard Grammy performance. However, aside from it being an extreme feel-good, tug-at-the-heartstrings moment, we can sense the gimmick.  It was an impeccable deed that transitioned from Macklemore performing his hit song Same Love, to having oodles of stars like Queen Latifah and Madonna unveil themselves to be part of the show. After all, even if you are presenting a positive campaign, it’s still show business, so make it big.

Radioactive, Imagine Dragons: Level 4

“It’s like the Color Run up there!”


Imagine Dragons gave a killer performance of their intense song, Radioactive. It was incredibly entertaining. The Dragons, as well as Kendrick Lamar, were sounded stellar, and their execution was on point. Referring back to Taylor Swift’s segment, Kendrick’s part was so powerful and well timed; kudos to him. There happened to be clouds of colors coming off of the massive drums Imagine Dragons was using, and the boys just so happened to be costumed in all white, not a coincidence.  By the end of the act, they were completely covered by the  colors which resembled the  participants of the  Color Run 5k races that have become popular among young runners lately.

P!nk, The One Woman Circus: Level 3


P!nk does it again this year, stunning audiences with her tremendous acrobatic technique while managing to hit those notes with absolutely no problem. She defies gravity, the laws of nature, and any limitation that could possibly be placed on her. Now, if flying over the crowd contorting around some ribbons isn’t gimmicky, then I don’t know what is. But then again, the training and talent that must have went into that performance sort of trumps the gimmick.

Drunk in Love, The Show Stopping Opener : Level 1.5


This is the classic, bow down to Queen Bey performance. She is flawless, fun, sexy, and has the pipes to vaporize everyone sitting in the Grammy audience. Good thing she decided to spare everyone so they could have the luxury of being able to hear her angelic voice in the future. Plus, the combination of her and Jay-Z’s couple performance routine is always the most adorable thing to behold.  It was a performance close to perfection.

The 2014 Grammy’s gave audiences exactly what they wanted, a show with  some incredible  and over the top acts that will be talked about for weeks to come.

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