The “Lion Hearted” Fight the Good Fight

Get fired up with battle anthems on “Lion Hearted, an awesome CD by Christian rock/soul band For A Season. Released in 2013, the album is filled with songs that make the listener ready for the battles of life. The album is a tribute to God and the Holy Spirit living and fighting with us at all times. It is a reminder that God is with us through whatever life throws at us.

“Fire” is about being filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The singer longs to have his soul burn with the Spirit to be able to go out to share the message of God’s love.  The song is in the form of a prayer, asking God to send His spirit on the singer so that the Spirit would “burn brighter” in the singer.  The light will always defeat darkness in any battle.

“Let It Out” is about how the singer has a song within him and he wants to share it with the world before it is too late. It talks about how we live and die, and how we have to sing and shout to get the message of our hearts out. There is an emphasis on pushing through the pain and doubt that plague our lives to proclaim God’s message that has been placed within our hearts.

“Sunrise” starts off slowly, like the sun slowly creeping over the horizon.  It discusses that God is always on our side, no matter what the day brings. The song states that whatever battle of each day brings, God will never leave us, and He will always bring us through the darkest night. He will shine a light in whatever darkness we face, and we will see a beautiful sunrise when we make it through our tough times. His light is our hope and the light we follow when times get tough.

“Lion Hearted” reminds the listener that he/she has the heart of a lion, which is brave and strong. The heart of the lion is not timid and stands up to fight the battle that is in front of him/her, no matter what this is. On the acoustic version of the song (on YouTube), Brian, the group’s lead singer, mentions how his mother fought and defeated breast cancer. Not only was she affected, but he was as well and was forced to adapt to a new schedule. However, with God’s help, they remained “Lion Hearted” and were able to get through the situation.

“Away” is about God’s grace in our dark times and our struggles. With God’s help, we are able to face our troubles and they go away, making us stronger. We can trust God to help us push through our troubles. Of course, there will be battle scars, but they just signify that we fought and made it out! God has the power to move our struggles and darkness, even if He uses us to fight. He will remain by our side to provide strength and guidance.

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