The Perfect Date

The perfect date. This is a phrase you’re bound to hear many times throughout your life, whether as a question on a dating website or a valentines slogan in a magazine. But what does it mean? Is it just a fantasy where anything could happen or is it realistic? One thing people tend to forget about when they imagine their perfect date is their partner. A date implies that there is more than one person involved. However, in many scenarios when this so-called “perfect date” is described, no one else is ever mentioned.

So what is the science of a perfect date? Is it the place? The time? The activity? No, it’s something else entirely. It’s the person that you’re with. According to a study, 3% of all first dates result in relationships. So what does that mean for the perfect date? “the percentage suggests that any date you go on has very little chance of turning into anything substantial, no matter what type of date it is.

Okay, so maybe the perfect date won’t help you with someone you just met. But what about an old relationship? The average relationship (including unmarried couples) lasts about 30 months. If you went on one date a week during a relationship, that would be 120 dates. So how many of those dates are really extravagant? How many are just a couple of people sitting on a couch watching a boring movie? But with the right person a boring movie could be the best date you have ever had. So the question of the perfect date isn’t really about the date at all, it’s about the person that goes along with it. A perfect date is about the conversations you have, the kisses you share, the way that they offer you their coat when it’s cold. It’s these little gestures that make something perfect.

This Valentines Day, many retailers and restaurants will try to convince you that you need their products to make this valentines one that you will remember. These companies will send the message that all their rose petals and heart shaped balloons will strengthen your relationship, and that in the end all will be great between you and you will have amazing sex. In reality, none of this matters at all. If things between you and your date were rocky on February 13th, they will still be on February 14th. The best thing you can do to find the perfect date this season of love is to find someone who clicks with you no matter what you’re doing. Days will come and go, but people last forever. So this Valentines Day, if you are single, don’t sweat it. It’s better than being with someone you don’t really like. If you are in a relationship, pay more attention to the person than the plans. A relationship can last a lifetime, but a single date only lasts for a night.

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