The Perfect Mom & Pop Coffee Shops

I don’t always go into the city, but when I do, I’d much rather not visit the typical coffee joint for my cup of joe. Not to bash Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, but they kill my vibe when I’m traveling around the city. The two chains remind me of home, so when I want to experience the city I want a coffee shop that’ll satisfy that. I want that yuppie, cozy, creative kind of coffee shop. So, I’m planning my trip into Philly and I have found some pretty sweet places that will totally do the job.

First one on my list, the one all the artsy kids will love, is Elixr Coffee located at 207 S. Sydenham Street, Philadelphia. Why? The sweetly simple, all-wood interior perfectly compliments the art aspect of the cafe. One of the unique things about Elixr Coffee is that specifically focus on reaching out to the local artists. The shop hosts a variety of events and houses installations where artists can contribute their work (this is both on either the inside or outside of the coffee shop). This idea is beautiful, as it allows the shop to not only connect with the community, but present artists with a truly unique opportunity. There’s nothing I would enjoy more than sipping a warm cup of coffee in a cabin like setting while appreciating artwork.

The next one shop on my list finds a place in my heart because of its location in the cobblestone area of Germantown, and its old school spirit. Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. is in the heart of this area, 8620 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia. From the outside, the shop looks like a row home, which gives a perfect urban vibe. Beyond the aesthetic, the company scores high in my book, and a place on my list, because they roast their very own beans! That’s dedication.

Another shop that displays dedication to the skill of creating the perfect cup of coffee is Bodhi Coffee at 410 S. 2nd Street, Philadelphia. The company goes all around the world in search for the best coffee beans to bring back specially for us coffee lovers. I was drawn in by the cafe’s “About Us” page on its website, which concluded with the words, “Drink more coffee.” This statement was so unexpected while reading, but it piqued my interest. The creativity stretches beyond the website, and into the hands of the baristas, who finish off the drinks they make with artwork in the foam. Bodhi Coffee is a must because it is an establishment that stands for both art and hard work. Which, are the same two components that also draw me to the city of Philadelphia.

Walking around the city, seeing all the people rushing around like busy bees, while I calmly examine all the murals, sculptures, and architecture is what I fall in love with every time I visit.  The coffee shops above encompass these features of Philadelphia perfectly—the speed and life of a modern-day, professional beehive, and the soothing, spiritual calm of art.

Photo accreditation: Wikipedia Commons

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  • Lauren Pickens says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Elixir but I’ve never made it there, I may have to give it a go thanks to your rave review!

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