Top 10 Free House Music Tracks

Everyone loves free stuff right? What about some free music? Fear not, I’ve compiled a lovely list of the hottest house tracks. I host my own weekly deep-house and garage show, and all of these tracks have featured on it at some point. Trust me, they’ll have you dancing around your room for sure.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky (JackLNDN Remix)

Another remix of Get Lucky? Yes, I know. After the original release in April 2013, we’ve been inundated with what feels like hundreds of remixes. “LEAVE IT ALONE,” you’d shout! I’d usually agree with you, since the original from Daft Punk is an absolute storming disco classic (I can call it a classic after a year, right?) Well have no fear as you’re in safe hands with JackLNDN. The young producer from, you guessed it, London, has exploded in the last year with his tropical bass sounds. With roots in classical music, his tracks are always excellently produced with a disco vibe that makes you want to stomp your feet. He’s currently touring the US at the moment, so if you get a chance to see him play, please do. Check out JackLNDN’s Soundcloud for more free downloads of his music.

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)

Now some would say that this track doesn’t need to be touched with any notion of a remix. I’d normally agree with you, however this time I can allow an exception (and I hope you can too). This absolutely stunning remix of one of Marvin Gaye’s most infamous singles comes courtesy of 23 year-old Norwegian producer Kygo. Fresh off his remix of Ellie Goulding’s “High For This”, this track reiterates Kygo’s talent as a man that makes songs you thought were pretty good even better. Kygo’s is touring Europe this winter, and promises that more music is on the way, so sit tight fans of this remix. (P.S. You have to like his page to get this download, but to get such great music it’s a small price to pay).

Ben E. King – Stand By Me (Shèmce Remix)

Shèmce is one of those producers that is at the forefront of the tropical bass movement at the moment. If you’re a fan of music that makes you feel like you’re at the beach, then Shèmce is the artist for you. He’s picked up on the 1962 track “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. With Ben’s smooth vocals providing the perfect backdrop for Shèmce’s feel good nature, this track is already proving to be a massive hit. Chosen as my Hot House track on my radio show recently, this song is sure to be stuck in your head for at least the next three weeks.

Jamiroquai – You Give Me Something (Teemid Re-Edit)

Likened to Daft Punk, Teemid just loves to re-edit popular tracks, and I’d argue he improves them in every way. Based in Bordeaux, France, Teemid’s disco alternates have been gaining a massive following in recent times, and I’m just one to jump on board. Disco music has been rejuvenated massively in recent years, and Teemid is at the forefront. His remix of Jamiroquai’s “You Give Me Something” will have you boogieing away in your seat as you listen, and you can get it for free. Impress your mates with how cool and into disco you are by getting your hands on this.

Dawa – Roll The Dice (Urban Contact Remix)

To continue the feel-good vibes, here’s another great summery track (we’re all hanging onto those last remaining memories of the heat) from Urban Contact. The producer-duo from Vienna, Austria have been working together since the age of 17. Now with a few years of producing together under their belts, they’re able to bang out tune after tune, and this is no exception. By far and away their most listened to track on their Soundcloud, their remix of Dawa’s “Roll The Dice” makes you feel happy, and that’s what we want music to do right? Don’t be silly, download it now and play it as loud as you can (just don’t blame the neighbours complaints on me, okay?)

Outkast – Moves Like Ms. Jackson (ZHU Mashup)

It took me ages to find out who created this one. I stumbled across it once when searching for some new music, and I instantly fell in love with it. After a bit of Googling, and the ingenious Shazam, I found out it was from a guy called ZHU. This is the only release from him, and with no real name or profile, no one knows anything about the man (or woman, or maybe even giraffe, who knows?) The mysterious producer has blended “The Way You Move,” “So Fresh, So Clean” and “Ms. Jackson” expertly to create what most would call a masterpiece. Grab the free download now and be a part of this mystery. (And ZHU if you’re reading, release some more stuff please? Thanks).

Applebottom – Let You (Blonde Remix)

With Applebottom being a brilliant producer and house legend in his own right, it’s often hard (if not impossible) to come across a remix that is better than the original. However, the DJ/Producer duo from Leeds and Brighton seemed to have done just that. Taken from the Let You EP, this two-step version of the moody original can’t help but get you up and dancing. Available on Eton Messy Records, you definitely want to get your hands on this one, even if it is just to listen to it on repeat for the next week and a half.

Armerie –  1 Thing (Cherokee Remix)

There seems to be a theme here with remixes of some great older tunes, I can’t help it, don’t judge me. Armerie’s “1 Thing” was the lead single from her album Touch, and had great success which resulted in it charting at Number 4 in the UK, and at 8th in the US. It also managed to secure Armerie a Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 2006 Grammy Awards. What’s happened to her since? Answers on a postcard please. This remix is full of attitude and whomping bass lines. If you loved the original you’d be sure to love this one. It’s one of those tunes that gets you singing it days in advance.

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Looking for something a bit more down tempo and relaxing? Lana Del Ray’s chilling vocals mixed with a slow deep baseline will bring you to the above track. The excellent Monsieur Adi and his remix of “Born To Die”. Based in Paris, France, he is well known for his remixes, although this one is more downtempo than most of his stuff. Don’t fear though, as this track is sure to appeal to even those that enjoy drum and bass. The joy of this track is in its simplicity; it’s a good one to listen to before bed. Not that the relaxing nature of the song is a bad thing, if anything that’s a testament to the success of the down tempo style.

Disclosure – White Noise (Hotel Garuda Edition)

We’re now at the end of 2014 and people are still remixing the life out of Disclosure. So much so it’s difficult to come across a fresh interpretation of their stuff. Everyone knows the original version of White Noise with AlunaGeorge, but did you know there’s an arguably better version with the man of the moment MNEK on the vocals? With a groovy baseline and a summery saxophone sample of Klingande’s Punga, the LA based producer duo Hotel Garuda have come up trumps here. This simply sultry version has to be added to your record collection immediately.

Featured image credited to Audrey Ami via Flickr. 

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