Top 10 New Remixes

In light of Loco Mag’s relaunching I had a think about what re-related word worked best with music. There’s really nothing better than a good remix, which sometimes is even better than the original. Here’s a list of the top 10 best new ones:

Rac – We Belong (Ft. Katie Herzig) (Odesza Remix)

What better way to start this list than with RAC, a group of producers known as Remix Artist Collective, founded by André Allen Anjos. It started off as a group of producers re-interpreting rock, dance and disco for well known musical artists. RAC often goes for an indie disco style, with a real feel good summery vibe  (which makes me depressed looking out my window to the dreary weather, why can’t it be summer yet?). In recent times RAC have started making their own music, and therefore are getting other artists to remix their work, and it continues with Odesza. They are an American electronic music duo from Seattle consisting of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, and this remix just hits the spot. Buy it now.

James Hersey – What I’ve Done (JackLNDN Remix)

I just can’t get enough of the tropical bass, and there’s no need to look any further than JackLNDN. I’ve featured this guy before on Loco Mag, but that’s just because his distinctive feel good style is infectious. If you’re not getting down with a little boogie listening to this then there must be something up. The man has a knack of making a brilliant original, exceptional; having done so for Clean Bandit and Mark Morrison before now. Mark my words, Jack will be hitting all of the clubs near you before long if he continues to make such good music.

Azealia Banks – Chasing Time (Crayon Remix)

Crayon is a French Producer hailing from the wonderful Bordeaux, France. He first came to my attention for his great remix of Jupiter’s Juicy Lucy. Known for his whomping house bass, Crayon does not disappoint here. Azaelia Banks is an established artist by her own right, but this remix just takes her original up a notch. Available for free on the buy tab on Soundcloud, all you need to do is like his Facebook page, which isn’t asking much really, is it?

Abhi//Dijon – Distant Love (Chris McClenney Remix)

With a very similar sound to Crayon above, Chris McClenney makes an improvement on a sultry relaxing original. Quite a chilled out tune in its own right, this remix is something you’d expect to hear at 2am in a dingy house music club. Imagine it now, you’ve had a few too many drinks, you’re a bit tired out from dancing the night away, and then the DJ drops this. You feel like time is going in slow motion, you put your arms out, and embrace the dark soulful bass coming from the speakers. Sounds like bliss, doesn’t it? It’s not available as a free download for long, so make sure you get your hands on it!

Fabienne – Taxi (Preditah Remix)

Now grime music isn’t always to my fancy, but for some reason Preditah always hits the spot. Whether it’s the in-your-face drums, or the bouncy bassline, Preditah gets it right. What Preditah does well here is he uses the vocals as their own instrument. They add another texture and flavour to the track that just takes it up a notch. The vocals remind me of a lot of great house classics; they dictate the ebb and flow of the track, taking it from one segway to the next with effortless sophistication.

Mansionair – Hold Me Down (Maths Time Joy Remix)

I have one word for this track: beautiful. The melody sets the scene from the outset with such a spellbinding piano. Listening to a track of such epic proportion is like a journey; this is the perfect kind of tune you’d play on a road trip. The original is exceptional. It’s really hard to decide between the two. Get them both, alongside other great remixes from Joy, LCAW, and The Range on Mansonair’s Hold Me Down EP.

Fybe:one – Trace Feat. Zelda Marshal (Boean Remix)

Boean are a recent discovery of mine, but the London duo of Jackson Almond and Jim Rider don’t seem to be getting it wrong. Their latest remix of Fybe:one’s track is another absolute banger, with thumping trumpets partnered with some hard hitting drums. This one is set to be a club classic.

Birdy – Skinny Love (TEEMID Remix)

One of the masters of reinventing tracks are Teemid. They turn popular pop tracks into storming disco hits. Their remix of Jamiroquai is groovy from the first beat to the last, and this one is no different. In a more tropical house feel, this remix of Birdy mixes her sometimes chilling vocals with some soothing bass.

Sasha Keable – Living Without You (All About She Remix)

All About She have had relative mainstream success recently with their track Higher (Free). This track is more of the same from the garage inspired producers. Sasha’s vocals work perfectly with All About She’s production. It’s a happy marriage and expect more from the duo in the near future.

Odesza – All We Need (Louis Futon Remix) Feat. Shy Girls

Odesza features for the second time on this list, but this time is on the receiving end of another remix. Louis Futon steps up to the plate to remix this one, the US producer putting his sound to a great original. If you’re a fan of Kaytranada, you’ll dig this remix too. It’s chilled vibe is perfect to work to. And guess what, it’s free!

Childish Gambino – U Don’t Have To Call (67th Hour Remix)

Dutch producer 67th Hour has done an amazing job of remixing Childish Gambino’s U Don’t Have To Call. He makes what is just an acapella (which is really worth checking out) into a beautiful soulful house tune. If you get the chance to, check out 67th’s Soundcloud because it’s full of stunning music just like this.

Marian Hill – Lips (Heavy Mellow Remix)

Brooklyn-based artist Heavy Mellow (formerly Heavy x Mellow) remixed Philadelphia based group Marian Hill’s track Lips. He took what was an originally bubbly tune and completely smooths it out in his signature ambient style, keeping the beats heavy and the synths mellow. He also has this interesting technique of mixing in soundscapes for a diverse listen. Not to everyone’s taste but I love it.

I could have gone on and on with this list, remixes are sort of my thing, I’m kinda obsessed with them. Until next time! If you can think of better remixes than the ones I’ve mentioned, comment below!

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