Top Attention-Grabbing Dresses of the Award Season

Celebrities journeyed to Hollywood over the last month to gather for the biggest celebration in entertainment –award season.  Big winners like Daniel Day-Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ben Affleck are attending all the lavish award ceremonies, hoarding the golden trophies. With the award season soon coming to an end everybody is making their final predictions for the Oscars.

For many, like me, our favorite part of the award season is watching our favorite celebrities wearing luxurious gowns on the red carpet. With the winners of the People’s Choice, Critics Choice, Golden Globes, and SAG Award already chosen for 2013, we are ready to pick our top favorite dresses of the award season. This year’s dresses range from gorgeous, classic gowns flirting with sheers to runway-ready frocks filled with embellishments. Everybody has his or her own favorite dress. When I evaluate at dresses I try to find looks that go beyond the typical red carpet gown and take a risk. Here are my top frocks from the award season.

Julianne Hough

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Julianne Hough at the People’s Choice Awards

Julianne Hough wore a dazzling night sky dress by Tony Ward Couture. I can’t help but joke she is literally “dancing with the stars.” The dancer and Safe Haven actress shined on the red carpet with stars splashed on her midnight blue dress. The dress has a girly cut with a boat neckline and a black ribbon wrapped around her waist while the bottom grazes her knees. The dress also plays with sheer fabric on her chest as sparkly embellishments gradient down. She looks like a starry fairy princess. All she needs is a magic wand to match.

t swizzle

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Taylor Swift at the People’s Choice Awards

Wow. Taylor surprised us all with her sexy almost dangerously low neckline. Fashion studies student Cassie Sobutka agrees, “I’ve never been a fan of Taylor Swift but this dress was definitely one of my favorites.  Her makeup and accessories accent her creamy Ralph Lauren gown perfectly.  It’s obviously a much more grown-up gown than any we’re used to seeing her in, but she pulls it off impeccably.” Taylor’s gown stretches to the floor, elongating her already tall frame. Her dress rests slightly past her shoulders while her plunging neckline takes the center of attention. She pairs her dress with a sophisticated braided updo. Her pearly blue stone earrings and smoky-eye makeup makes her blue eyes pop.

marion colitard

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Marion Cotillard at the Critics Choice Awards

Marion Cottilard owned the red carpet at every award show. This feminine dress beats Cottilard’s other stunning dresses in unorthodoxy and high fashion. This dress is a true belongs-only-on-the-runway material, yet she makes it work on the red carpet and looks amazing. Her flowery dress by Zuhair Murad Couture is veiled in black lace covered with flower embellishments giving her dress a sheer plunging neckline. “The detail on this dress is amazing,” said Sobutka. “Something like the sheer bodice could have looked tacky at an event like that but the way that the floral appliqués seem to be growing out of the sides fool the eye into thinking there’s more coverage than there is.” Her dress has a feminine cut that hugs her waist and extends outward down to her mid-calves where flower embellishments germinate from the hem. The circle cut bares her upper back, adding a sexy touch to the dress.

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Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes

Anne Hathaway looked perfect as she received her Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. This is definitely the dress you want to be remembered in during the greatest moment of your life. Anne Hathaway wore an elegant white gown by Chanel. The dress is simple nevertheless makes a bold statement. The bodice has a slight peplum bottom while the dress extend to the ground slightly narrow at the knees giving a slender curvy shape to Hathaway. The ruched fabric makes the dress look interesting without being overpowering. This dress and Hathaway’s pixie cut gives her a unique, trendy look at this elegant event. This is Hathaway’s year!

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 Michelle Dockery at the SAG Awards

Somehow Michelle Dockery made side boob classy. Dress by Chado Ralph Rucci, the sleek black dress looks simple from the front, but from the side we can see the black shape cuts unveiling the side of her bust –not revealing too much, only giving viewers a flirtatious view. The black dress matched with Dockery’s pale skin brings out the bronze in her side swept hair and golden brown eyes.

Now we will have to stay tune and see if the Oscar’s red carpet can compete with the glamorous looks we have already seen.

What do you think? Did we get it right? Who were your favorite dresses from the award season? Please leave your responses in the comments.

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