Who’s On Your Zombie Apocalypse Dream Team?

With the possibly of a Zombie Apocalypse around the corner, the staff at Loco Mag realized that it’s time to get down to business. We’ve got our escape routes mapped out, read our zombie survival guides, and watched countless episodes of The Walking Dead, but the only thing we’re missing is our dream team. If (and when) the zombies emerge, we only want the best of the best at our sides, armed and ready for battle. The only problem is that we can’t decide which one of these intense, downright menacing, guys can lead us to victory over the undead. In fact, there might have been some choice words (as well as a few punches) thrown around in defense of our picks. I’m joking, but seriously, help us out by voting for which one you’d love to have by your zombie fighting side.

Liam Neeson
So why would I want Liam Neeson on my zombie apocalypse team? He mentored both Obi-Wan Kenobi AND Bruce Wayne. He makes surviving after a plane crash while fighting off Alaskan wolves with his bare hands look like a piece of cake. He’s the stuff of Albanian terrorists’ nightmares. And, we can’t forget that he possesses a “certain set of skills.” Zombies, watch out.

Nathan Fillion
Why would I want Nathan Fillion on my dream team? (Besides the obvious fact that he is really ruggedly handsome). While using his witty detective skills on Castle, he has simultaneously developed a secret plan for when the undead rise. He’s the tight-pant wearing, reaver-fighting captain of the futuristic ship, Serenity, proving that he has management skills. After musically beating Neil Patrick Harris with his hammer and learning how to weld, he’s shown himself to be handy. With a twitter following of over 1 million, and many talented celebrity friends, I’m pretty sure he can get some support. His intelligence and charm can beat the brain hungry zombies any day.

Nicolas Cage
Nic Cage is the most badass dude in existence. Enough said. He’s utterly fearless and utterly insane- a perfect combination for defeating zombies. If that isn’t enough to sell you, he’s also trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he knows his way around a frantic car chase. He single handedly brought down a plane full of convicted felons, stealthily stole the Declaration of Independence and possesses the vengeful spirit of the fiery Ghost Rider. Guns, explosions and butt-kicking are his specialties. He’s prone to hilarious outbursts as well as witty remarks that will provide entertainment for hours on end. There will never be a dull moment between undead attacks. Did I mention that he’s vampire, too? How can zombies compete with that?!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Okay, maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t the first badass guy you’d choose for your zombie apocalypse dream team, but he’s certainly mine. Which is why mine is going to WIN. See, Joseph Gordon Levitt can be a ridiculously awesome guy. Let’s see. He gives cancer a beat down with his BARE HANDS, he travels through a level of  five dreams and has a unbelievably awesome upside-down hallway fight, he is a cop in Gotham City and works with Batman personally while trying to take down Bane…and he manages to look so damn good while doing it. He can take down a few zombies after that. Oh, and when you’re having your mid-apocalyptic breakdown about how you miss the old life, he will be there to wipe away your tears and tell you how pretty you look, because he’s just that kind of guy.

Steve Rogers
That’s right. He’s a man genetically altered to be the ultimate soldier; I couldn’t think of anyone better than the Captain America to take down some zombies. Even before the “Vita-ray” flowed through his veins, Rogers had ingenuity and determination that goes unrivaled. He has speed and strength greater than any regular human, as well as the inability to get fatigued, so you could totally take a nap while he’s on a zombie rampage. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the giant shield he carries around that can hold of Thor. A man that can hold of a Norse God of strength can handle a few of the undead. Plus, he’s a total gentleman, so its a win for everybody (unless of course, you’re a zombie).

You’ve read our pleas for the zombie fighting team of our dreams and now it’s time to vote! Do you think you have a better, more badass person that could lead us to victory over the undead? Then leave us a comment!

Photography credit to WikiCommons via Creative Commons licensing. 


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