Why Are You Like This? Double Trouble

Beyoncé is one of the few real artists out there at the moment. She isn’t problematic, and she isn’t trying to be someone she isn’t. She’s just living her life, making music, and slaying pretty much everyone’s existence. She’s talented, beautiful, and makes amazing political statements through a decent amount of her performances and songs.

So why am I upset this month? What could I possibly have to say that’s negative when it comes to her?

Well, I’m not upset about her. She’s out of this world amazing! I’m upset because people won’t let this lady live! She just announced she’s gonna be a mommy of twins, and posted gorgeous prego pics! And what do (white) people do? They have to go and complain about it. Literally finding anything and everything to say about it that they could possibly think of to put her down for.

There was, for instance, a post that went around about how she thinks she’s something special because she performed on stage while pregnant. It was saying that she should calm down, because there are teachers and nurses and other moms that work while they’re pregnant too, so why does she think she’s so great?

News flash, love: That wasn’t what she was doing! She wasn’t trying to say no one else has ever done anything strenuous while pregnant. Or that no other woman has gone to work while pregnant. She wasn’t trying to say anything at all, actually. She was just doing her job. She’s a performer. She was asked to perform. She said yes. She got pregnant. So she decided to perform while pregnant instead of canceling it.

She’s just trying to be a proud mama, like any other pregnant lady wants to be. They want to show off their baby bump. Beyoncé is a human like the rest of us (a much more gifted one, albeit), and she wanted that too. Her costume for her performance was even related to her pregnancy. She was dressed as the African goddess of twins. That’s how proud she was of her soon-to-be children. She was honoring them through her performance.

Give the woman a break, and let her be the proud mommy she wants to be!

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