Why Are You Like This?

The world is an interesting place that is full of individuals who are full of their own different ideas. We were all unique and have our own separate interests and passions, and that’s what makes us compatible with other people. In terms of who we hang out with, talk to, and also who we date. With all this individuality, it’s no wonder people are obsessed, or obsess over different things.

However, some things just don’t make any sense. For example, some people have a foot fetish. Maybe they were just never taught anything about sanitation. Some people are stalkers and can never get over their ex. Hello, restraining order! And then there are people who are, for some odd reason, obsessed with lesbians! (These often tend to be straight boys and/or men)

What is up with this odd obsession that (some) straight guys have with females who are into females? I mean, it’s not like having this obsession makes them into someone who is accepting of the LGBTQ community. Just because they’re sexualizing someone’s actual real life relationship doesn’t mean they accept it. They just think it’s hot.

Besides the fact that it’s extremely offensive, it’s also just gross in general. So, I believe it’s story time! Just to give a little background, I’m pansexual and am currently in a relationship with a gorgeous woman named Nicole. Our 6 month anniversary was last weekend, and we were celebrating with a nice evening out in Times Square in New York City. We were holding hands, as couples do, giving each other the occasional cheek kiss. But some moments just call for a nice kiss on the lips!

Well, it would have been nice, but then we had to listen to comments from — shocker! — straight older men. Comments like: “Damn! Y’all lookin’ for a third party?!” or “Shit, y’all don’t need to stop! Haha Keep going, I don’t mind, baby!” or “Well shit! That just made my night! Haha What about y’all?!” or “That’s cheating!!” (Whatever that last one means. 10 bucks to anyone who can figure that one out!)

And you know, if people want to think nasty things like that, fine! But the fact that they felt the need to actually VOICE those thoughts is what makes it gross. They were in no way being decent or considerate. And the fact that those guys would expect a response in return is really demeaning. Maybe it’s too much to call it an obsession, but fantasy is definitely the right word for this scenario. And fantasies are frequent and/or obsessive thoughts that people have involving certain situations and people.


It’s almost invalidating the people’s relationship by saying there needs to be a man involved in the situation. When the whole point of being in a lesbian relationship is to delete the factor of there being a male involved.

Another point: There are ZERO instances I’m aware of in which straight girls say things like that to two gay men kissing in public. And definitely no straight guys are saying the same things they say to two lesbians. It’s really gross and upsetting, and especially because of the fact it’s being made into a double standard.

If all of those factors aren’t disgusting/disturbing enough for you, try having a straight male explain why they think it’s ok. Unsurprisingly, the majority of explanations are: “Two sets of tits?! What’s not to love?” or “Well, I mean, two gorgeous women going at it…Of course I’m gunna be turned on!” Oh yah, because that really digs them out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves. Those explanations only make their comments and thoughts more perverted.

On behalf of lesbian couples everywhere, I’m begging anyone who has ever had these thoughts to please take a look inside themselves and see how truly offensive and demeaning these type of comments are, as well how offensive the obsession is in and of itself.

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