The Battle for New Star Wars

For decades Star Wars has captivated audiences with its exciting universe of characters and technologies. It was thought to have come to an end when George Lucas announced that Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi would be the last movie in the series.. Vader’s reveal and death was the end of the franchise. Lucas announced that he would not sell to any other companies and Star Wars was finished. Star Wars fans had seen their last fantasy on the big screen. It was a sad day for all Star Wars fans.  Disney put a price on Star Wars that George Lucas couldn’t refuse and now we see the franchise revived and spreading once again.

starwars1Disney has integrated Star Wars into their realm and expanded the universe as well. Recently, a seventh film, The Force Awakens has been confirmed and new shows, books, and games have spread throughout the galaxy. It has been too long since Star Wars fans had releases to look forward to. Fans are excited because along with the revival of the franchise, Disney has renewed the tagalong video game to the Star Wars series. Forgotten in the eyes of developers but long sought after for the hands of fans: Star Wars Battlefront returned to the game consoles. It had been ten years rattled with false hope that a Star Wars Battlefront 3 would come to pass. Leaked footage and misdirection led fans to believe there was hope. Finally, after Star Wars Battlefront 2 had been played to death in anticipation. The series was brought to light from the farthest forgotten corners of the galaxy.

starwars4Dice is the company that gave you the epic Battlefield series that has brought countless hours of entertainment to gamers everywhere.  Since the announcement gamers have seen teasers, game-play footage, and even gotten their hands on the controllers and their boots in the mud with the Star Wars Battlefront open Beta. The fantasy has been fulfilled. Now you can hop in the cockpit of a snow speeder and zip around the icy planet of Hoth all while a battle rages below you. The game brings all sorts of fantasies life. Though the game is not out yet and fans have only gotten their hands on a small sample of the content,  a lot of information on the game has been released.

There are a wide variety of game modes that change focus from infantry scrimmages, star fighter against starfighter dogfights, survival co-op modes, and all out wars with infantry, tanks, and star fighters compete to complete combat objectives. No fight will ever be the same as the last. Dice has introduced the star card system of organizing your equipment. You can customize your gear and focus your tactics in one field or have an overall spread to perform a more general role. The more you play the more cards you unlock which allow you to continue to mix and match your play style.

starwar3Power up coins are scattered around the map for variations in game-play. Everything from pilot management to who gets to fight as one of the “Heroes” like Darth Vader is managed through these coins. All of these are extremely balanced and guarantee a fair game for players . The simpler power up coins award the player with special equipment that has one use. The heavier coins allow more powerful actions and are harder to find. They let you command the largest vehicles like the AT-AT. For a short period of time you can decimate the Rebels under a barrage of massive blaster cannons and call in orbital strikes on patches of land to decimate large groups. The coins allow access to the heroes in Star Wars Battlefront. As of now we know that Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett are playable. Dice has done a great job of bring the Star Wars universe to life with a beautiful recreation using their Frostbite engine to make every blaster bolt decimating and actuate. Despite hesitation by fans, hoping that Disney wouldn’t wreak their favorite childhood memories, Disney has revamped the timeless franchise into something powerfully revolutionary.

Stay on the lookout when Star Wars Battlefront hits shelves on November 17th 2015.

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