6 Unusual Live Music Sessions

The theme of novel had me stuck for a while. Could I do music that related to books? I’m not sure if that’s a thing. Novelty music?(I know I know). I turned to Google to help me out, and the definition of the word novel is ’interestingly new or unusual.’ So I thought I could do some weird new music. But then even I got weirded out doing some research. This for example, is so strange and extremely weird to watch. Inspired by my recent trips to see Sofar Sounds and Coffee House Sessions, I decided to find six new unusual places where live music sessions have taken place.

La Blogotheque

Taking part across the world, La Blogotheque films really unique atmospheric music in a different setting each time around. This stunning video is filmed in an old cathedral. The beautiful thing about these clips is that the focus is on the connection the artist has with their instruments. It’s not about the bright lights or an engaged audience, but the simplicity of one person and the music they make. This particular video is slightly chilling, because ALA.NI’s haunting vocals echo throughout every corner of this ancient empty building. The breathtaking architecture mixed with majestic music makes for an all round immersive experience. Watch and leave with chills.

Black Cab Sessions

Yes that’s right, music sessions in every person’s favourite type of London Transport. More widely known than the other sessions I’ll pick up on, the Black Cab Sessions have had artists like Michael Kiwanuka and Band of Horses play in the past . The sessions mix some wonderful live music with the backstreets of one of the most diverse cities in the world. This session comes courtesy of the extremely talented BANKS. With some previous commercial success, she is the perfect kind of act for this. Her soothing vocals giving a mystical background to the harsh surrounding of the suburbs the cab is driving though.

tiny desk concerts

These sessions take place at, you guessed it, a desk. This is much more interesting that it sounds, because this looks like the coolest desk ever, Bob Boilen, the owner of the  (I want a desk like his when I grow up). This most recent session is from Punch Brothers, and this is one of the best live sessions I’ve seen out there. Most bands settle for an acoustic guitar and vocals, with the occasional appearance of a Cajon. That’s not good enough for the Punch Brothers, seeing as they’ve brought along a violin, double bass, banjos and some AMAZING harmonies (and I mean amazing, they’re like the kings of the harmony). Seamlessly moving from one track to the next, this is the sort of session you’ll be singing for a while after – I have been.

P.S. The facial expressions the guys from Punch Brother’s make are awesome and hilarious at the same time.

They Shoot Music

They Shoot Music is a World Wide program that takes artists out into an urban setting. They go around some of the best cities in the world, with the best artists from nearby, and set up special performances. This session comes all the way from Switzerland. I know the video is quite unusual, but aren’t you here to experience new things? Bosnian group Dubioza Kolektiv step up to the plate for this one, with an upbeat in-your-face performance. They Shoot Music is particularly great for finding some really obscure, but really great European bands, as is seen with Dubioza kolektiv. 

Live From Daryl’s House

This one literally takes place at a guy called Daryl’s house, and what a lovely house it is. These sessions tend to be blues and rock, which suits the setting down to the ground, with the rustic wood, antlers on the mantlepiece, and bear skin rug. This particular session is ZZ Top performing what is probably their most famous song, La Grange. What I like about this one is that it’s not like the other sessions you see out there. Most are very soft, acoustic guitar, with an equally fragile vocalist. The set up is simple but that’s the point. For Daryl though, this isn’t good enough. It’s an impressive looking set up, with loud aggressive music and guys with REALLY impressive beards. 

Baeblemusic Music Sessions 

Part of a New York site dedicated to exclusive music related content, these music sessions are different to the normal one’s because they also feature an interview with the artist. This one is with Passenger, back to the simple acoustic guitar and great vocal combo. These videos are typically longer than the others, running 20 minutes at a time, but they’re worth putting the time aside for as you get to learn all about some new artists before hearing the beautiful music they make. What struck me most about this one is how different Passenger’s normal voice is from his singing voice.

Go and explore for more unusual live music sessions, and comment with your favorites!

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  • Bri Wink says:

    Great article! Bastille has amazing live sessions all over the place, but I think this a cappella version of “Overjoyed” is really awesome, partially because it’s filmed in a palace garden. And also because Dan’s hair is giant. And there’s a triangle just chilling in the back. And it’s flawless.

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